Search Results for: City of Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Agents

NameE-mail AddressLocal Phone
De Franco L Barbara
Greene H Barbara 954-566-1188
Haggerty J Barbara
Hume J Barbara bjhume@bellsouth.net
Johnson Hogan Barbara barbarahj@bellsouth.net
Jones H Barbara
Panton A Barbara
Reich Jean Barbara reichbt@aol.com 954-638-2374
Sears Linnea Barbara prestancia@aol.com 954-385-2116
Simon F Barbara barbara.simon@floridamoves.com
Taylor Barbara btaylor413@me.com
Veitch F Barbara filmbarbi@yahoo.com 305-606-7909
Wall Ann Barbara barbara.wall@floridamoves.com 954-524-5540
Wiech J Barbara
Adler Barry barry@adlerteam.com 954-655-1000
Galitzer Ira Barry bgalitzer@pol.net 954-985-1869
Huckins R Barry
Hughes A Barry barryalan1@hotmail.com 954-316-0277
Krischer T Barry 954-610-5999
Levinson Martin Barry forbmlev2@cs.com 954-592-9339
Podolsky Michael Barry barry@podolskyrealestate.com 954-771-1500
Willbrant W Barry willbrant@aol.com 954-491-0707
Williams Scott Barry proprsrchsvcs@aol.com
Reid James Bartholomew breid7@bellsouth.net 954-257-9366
Armenta Basia soldbybasia@yahoo.com 954-822-8668
Rauch Beatrice bettyr2011@gmail.com 954-410-1960
Hanausek Levin Beatrix hb7777@bellsouth.net
Martinez J Beatriz bjmartinez@ingeniareg.com 954-349-6284
Martinez J Beatriz bjmartinez@ingeniareg.com 954-349-6284
Osorio Elena Beatriz belena2000@yahoo.com 954-548-8133
Joseph Belange 954-829-6898
Moreno Teresita Belinda belimore@aol.com 954-529-4915
Moreno Teresita Belinda belimore@aol.com 954-529-4915
Lap P Benjamin benplap@aol.com 954-523-4096
Liss M Benjamin bliss13@bellsouth.net 954-522-3614
Olive E Benjamin ben@lasolas-realestate.com 954-334-2255
Haywood Jr Bennie
Donohue Clifford Bernard powwow2102@aol.com 954-494-6291
Jenks Anthony Bernard jenkscorp@gmail.com 954-589-8230
Lacy Bernard allphaseventures@yahoo.com
Singer A Bernard berniesinger@lawyer.com 954-985-8600
Mc Mahon Jane Bernice
Mc Mahon Jane Bernice
Priest S Beth bsmokerpriest@aol.com
Wagner Stead Beth
Chrisphonte Michele Bethesy mbethesym1@aol.com 954-410-3063
Groves Louise Bette gene954@bellsouth.net
Lambrechts Bettina realty@realfl.com 954-764-6469
Lambrechts Bettina realty@realfl.com 954-764-6469
O'Connor Jo Pratt Betty betty.oconnor@browardschools.com


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