Real Estate Agents Last Names Starting With the letter B

NameE-mail AddressLocal Phone
Bozorg A Lindsey lbozorg@hotmail.com 724-321-1143
Beckford Mcleod Lisa soareaglesoar@aol.com 954-748-5081
Berman Karen Lisa homesbylisab@aol.com
Berry Marie Lisa lisab0413@aol.com 954-397-3444
Brodeur Marie Lisa lmbrealtycorp@aol.com 954-868-1416
Burley Jean Lisa lisaburley63@gmail.com 954-592-5585
Biaggini Lisandro lbcorps@gmail.com 786-222-9262
Becerra Lisanne
Berger C Lloyd lloyd@bergerrealtycorp.com 954-742-3010
Brooks Joe Lonnie 954-709-2523
Baker Suzanne Loretta lorettarealtor@yahoo.com 954-401-6034
Bardol Anne Lori loribardol@bellsouth.net 954-249-6213
Barberino Ellen Lorraine
Beauchamp R Lorraine
Beckman Lorraine lorrainebeckman@aol.com 786-273-1113
Bello Lorraine arb624@aol.com
Boddiger Hepler Lorrie jlboddiger@comcast.net 954-452-5289
Burford A Lorrimer
Baptiste Patrice Louis pabacfttp1@yahoo.com 954-682-0825
Blanco S Louis sales@ecigardepot.com
Burrows Yvette Louisa louisayburrows@bellsouth.net 954-675-9373
Bene L Louise
Brennan Louise l.brennan@salterrealty.com 954-644-2851
Bujalski J Lucille
Brar Lucy lucybrar@gmail.com 954-708-8007
Bogatov V Ludmila ludmiladj@hotmail.com 305-331-7922
Beiss Ludwig
Benitez Eduardo Luis beddie24@aol.com 305-502-4528
Bido Antonio Luis lbidohome1st@aol.com 305-542-7019
Bocanegra Guillermo Luis luis.bocanegra@yahoo.com 954-226-3074
Brito J Luisby bluis@yahoo.com 954-347-6299
Bularca M Luminita lumi@valueshortsales.com 954-478-9922
Bajoo E Lurline lbajoo@hotmail.com 954-538-0187
Bartra Maria Luz bartraluz@yahoo.com 954-292-9515
Bernal Elena Luz valencialuz@hotmail.com 954-347-7056
Betancur Luzelena ebeta87@live.com 954-630-6114
Borek G Lydia
Brown B Lynda lynda@lyndabrown.com
Ball Bensko Lynn
Banks Lynn lynnbanks.pa@gmail.com
Bronkie Fern Lynn bronkiel@yahoo.com
Barbieri De Sly Paula M realty@paulasly.com 954-389-1039
Brait Geraldine M mgeraldineb1@yahoo.com 954-537-9512
Bello H Madeline madebello@aol.com 954-565-7680
Bicking B Madeline c2interiors@bellsouth.net 561-361-9555
Brena Maelys maelysbrena@aol.com 305-218-4446
Bernstein H Malcolm
Butters Stuart Malcolm malcolm@butters.com 954-570-8111
Butters Stuart Malcolm malcolm@butters.com 954-570-8111
Bersach S. Manuel bersach1@gmail.com 954-399-9660


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