Search Results for: City of Cooper City Real Estate Agents

NameE-mail AddressLocal Phone
Ruble Lance Michael roobull@gmail.com 954-914-3391
Shoemaker Shawn Michael 954-435-1867
Sweeney Alan Michael kepnbusy@netzero.net 954-818-7583
Clawson R Michele clawsonn@bellsouth.net 954-434-3464
Jenkins-Devito Leigh Michele michelejd@leejenkins.com 954-257-4355
Bosse Michelle mbosse77@aol.com 954-798-7989
Hylton T Michelle michelle.hylton@hotmail.com 954-709-0036
Taberna Miguel migueltaberna@gmail.com 954-648-6001
Franco Millie milliefranco@bellsouth.net 954-434-2489
Andrade R Milton milton.andrade@gmail.com 954-629-9952
Andrade R Milton milton.andrade@gmail.com 954-629-9952
Shapiro Miriam miriamshapiro18@gmail.com 954-434-5296
Satinoff Miryam 954-431-0432
Darwiche Mohammed wmdfl@yahoo.com 954-205-0144
Aguiar Monico monico@yahoo.com 954-818-3602
Kim Myoungho michael73279@hotmail.com 305-816-5970
Bellinder J Nancey mnbelltwo@aol.com
Ouellette J Nancy c21nancyo@aol.com 954-434-8448
Roig C. Nancy roighomes@gmail.com 954-964-6386
Rawlings Yolande Natalie natalierescobar@gmail.com 305-763-2592
Gensemer Edwards Ned odessaned@hotmail.com 954-447-4051
Fernandez Nelson nfernandez@anfgroup.com 954-693-9900
Rubino Tony Nicholas 954-962-4013
Ferris D Nicole nicoled.ferris74@gmail.com 954-684-7025
Vallee Nicole nicolevallee01@aol.com 954-252-0855
Aguirre E Norma nelausa@msn.com 954-434-6572
Coffin Elisha Norman ropinnick@yahoo.com
Esiobu Nwadiuto nesiobu@comcast.net 954-559-3369
Verdura Lucia Olga luciaverdura@yahoo.com 954-803-7642
Sarley Orna
Rav On Oz ozravon@gmail.com 954-376-9050
Leeson Anne Pamela
Redondo T Pamela redtay1963@aol.com 954-612-1300
Barry Marie Patrice patricebarry@ymail.com 305-321-7896
Boynton A Patricia
Sehringer Lynn Patricia pattysells@bellsouth.net 954-434-0061
Viveros Patricia
Wahl Ann Patricia 954-435-1127
Eapen E Paul
Campbell M Paulette pmclaw1@yahoo.com
Triandafilou Davis L Penny mompick@bellsout.net 954-437-8730
Schlang Peter
Minguell Pilar
Minguell Pilar
Ortiz Priscilla pcillaortiz@aol.com 954-434-7778
Robbio Rachael rrobbio1@gmail.com 954-529-7680
Olmeda Rodriguez Rachel olmedar@bellsouth.net
Sarkhovitch Rachel jacob38574@yahoo.com 954-432-5041
Perez Raphael raypz21@yahoo.com 954-326-5791
Ventura Alberto Raul 954-447-4781


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