Search Results for: City of Coral Springs Real Estate Agents

NameE-mail AddressLocal Phone
Zeidner Lesley Cheryl 954-755-0726
Gordon May Christine chrisg_01@msn.com 954-757-1751
Hansen Christine christine@floridahomesbychristine.com 954-609-4242
Shaffer A Christine sshaffer40@aol.com 954-755-6141
Fuentes Alfredo Christopher cafuentes13@gmail.com 954-789-9384
Johnson Alfred Christopher ajohnsonc@aol.com 786-390-0568
Librizzi Christopher 954-980-8671
Norat Michael Christopher chrisnorat@hotmail.com 561-809-6440
Taylor David Christopher ctaylor@weingarten.com 954-826-3877
Bokzam Chuck chuckbokzam@bellsouth.net 954-345-8004
Baccari Luciana Cicera ciceraluciana@aol.com 561-251-9036
Cruz Cielo cielocruz3@bellsouth.net 954-755-8571
Levine Cindy cindylevine1@gmail.com 954-444-8878
Scher Beth Cindy
Scherer L Cindy cindy@unlimitedlistings.com 954-579-8425
Tronel Marie Claire claire.tronel@aecom.com 954-445-9236
Atkinson A Claudette acatson42@yahoo.com 954-534-0845
Bruck Claudette cbruck@bellsouth.net
Boeri Claudia boericlaudia@hotmail.com 954-557-6441
Bonelli Helena Claudia claubonheres44@gmail.com 954-255-2380
Carvajal Irene Claudia claudia.5595@hotmail.com 561-305-9889
Pinchassow Claudia claudia@xpgroup.net 954-663-3889
Regan A Claudia crbeatles1@gmail.com
Mosseri Clement clemmoss1@yahoo.com 954-993-2625
Mosseri Clement clemmoss1@yahoo.com 954-993-2625
Friedman J Clifford cliffcpa@myacc.net 954-608-9042
Cobb Alvord Clifton cobbcoven@aol.com 954-346-4578
Mc Lymont Woodrow Clinton 954-687-2145
Mc Lymont Woodrow Clinton 954-687-2145
Speranza Mary Colleen colleen.speranza@imagineschools.com 954-260-7348
Stobinsky P Colleen stobinsk@bellsouth.net
Guice R Connie guicegirls@aol.com
Crawford G Constance constance@advantarealty.com 561-601-2622
Ciacciarelli Therese Corinne cori0520@gmail.com 954-345-6628
Ferguson Lee Cory coryferguson@msn.com 561-714-5195
Appleman Steven Craig dcappleman@bellsouth.net 954-796-4973
Goodwin M Craig towelsbythepound@aol.com 954-942-6559
Grant Spence Cristal drcsgrant@gmail.com 954-319-7686
Duchesne Cristina cduchesne@yahoo.com 954-757-0896
Ortega Cristobal cortega@resmac.us 561-289-8693
Hong Dieu Cuong cd_hong@yahoo.com 954-461-4069
Barron Jeanne Cynthia info@cbarronhomes.com 954-298-6678
Gagnon D Cynthia cynthiagagnon@bellsouth.net 754-368-3373
Vardi Dakel 934-344-4462
Lalah George Dane lalahd@bellsouth.net 954-661-0038
Thompson Mears Danette thompsondm@bellsouth.net
Stinson M. Dania sonofstin@aol.com 954-341-8483
Lindeman Paul Daniel dan@empireappraisalgroup.com 561-441-9298
Miqueiro Daniel daniel1026@bellsouth.net 954-755-5058
Miqueiro Daniel daniel1026@bellsouth.net 954-755-5058


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