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NameE-mail AddressLocal Phone
Vlachos S Pamela greek100@excite.com 954-894-1906
Dover Fisher Patricia
Hart P A Patricia
Machuca Pantich Patricio sergioandu@aol.com 954-401-0940
Machuca Pantich Patricio sergioandu@aol.com 954-401-0940
Phipps W Patrick 954-214-9299
Bennett L Philip pbflorida@gmail.com 954-347-7830
Castro Rene renecastro@bellsouth.net 954-790-2568
Bettor J Richard rbettor@bellsouth.net 954-921-1100
Santiago Rigoberto dr_homes@msn.com 954-927-1006
Champlin Marvin Robert pogo1938@yahoo.com 954-920-0032
Imperato Louis Robert 954-816-4187
Wilson Glen Robert wrealtor@bellsouth.net 954-920-0280
Armor L Rodney rodneyarmor@msn.com 954-923-3844
Epstein Odisa Rolanda rolanepstein@hotmail.com
Resnicov Rosa 954-536-1395
Killian Marie Rose rosekillian@bellsouth.net 954-921-0318
Buttendorf Ruth ruthb@bhgfirst.com 305-439-9024
Ragsdale R Sally sragss@comcast.net 954-661-8018
Rodriguez Sharon rodriguez.s@ewm.com 954-920-8629
Rasner Stacey staceyrasner@aol.com 954-562-5733
Vlachos Stamatios greek100@excite.com 305-343-1297
Bramy R Steeve steevebramy@gmail.com
Casper Stanley Steven
Whitman Anthony Steven marineoneinc@bellsouth.net 954-646-2912
Labouyrie Angele Suzanne slabou3679@aol.com
Trudeau Sylvie sylvietrudeau@comcast.net 954-534-9377
Kapp Neal Teofil kapp001@msn.com
Boynton C Terrance terry@theboyntonteam.com 954-937-8113
Babcock Terry r1s1.terry@gmail.com 954-579-9269
Schlehuber I Tim tim@themortgageclinic.com 954-442-7388
Klein John Timothy timklein@exitrsr.com 305-542-9572
Rodriguez Lenore Tina tinashomes@comcast.net 954-874-2600
Wasylik K Tracey tracey.wasylik@gmail.com 954-675-4293
Pircalabu H Traian traianp75@yahoo.com 954-650-6600
Popescu Thomas Traian jpopescu22@yahoo.com 954-920-1072
Ciulache Valentin
Gilyard Henelle Vanessa vanessagilyard@yahoo.com 954-683-0498
Mirea Victor victorm02@yahoo.com 954-326-8201
Mirea Victor victorm02@yahoo.com 954-326-8201
Bryan Ann Victoria jsmaalouf@aol.com
Pappas J Victoria vjp2011@aol.com 954-673-2828
Myers W Wesley wesmyers@mindspring.com 954-921-1744
He Xiao Xia wu4@bellsouth.net 954-927-5291
Warman Yael yael@rightabouthomes.com 954-439-0579
Cotilla Yamilet yami0613@hotmail.com 954-701-0934
Aranes Yanina yaninaaranes@yahoo.com 786-389-1877
Gusev V Yuri 3807117@gmail.com 954-367-5290
Biederman Bruist Yvonne suncoastrealtyinvestments@gmail.com 954-927-0018
Stojanov Zoran stojanovzoran@yahoo.com 954-512-7020


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