Search Results for: City of Davie Real Estate Agents

NameE-mail AddressLocal Phone
Pardo Hector h_pardo@bellsouth.net 954-792-8555
Vinas R Hector hrv@onecorpfl.com
Quintero Roman Helman hquintero@miamimanagement.com 954-376-0741
Stout E Henry hankstout356@gmail.com 954-298-4920
Sanchez Quinones K Hilda hksrealtor@att.net 954-817-6752
Ingino Alberto Hugo hugoingino@gmail.com 718-775-0131
Rousseau Gracia Hugues mrhr2461@yahoo.com 954-424-0405
Gill R Hully gillrealty@bellsouth.net
Le Q Hung caohoang1001@yahoo.com 954-673-9485
Mithavayani Hussain hmithavayani@comcast.net 754-223-5989
Mithavayani Hussain hmithavayani@comcast.net 754-223-5989
Price Burton Ian ianbprice@gmail.com 954-639-3928
Galdos Ignacio igaldos317@hotmail.com 954-245-9400
Weiss M Ines inesws@cs.com 954-916-4927
Posada Ingred ingredposada@aol.com 305-710-7854
Calderon N Ira jbullhead@aol.com
Colavolpe Irene irenecola@comcast.net 954-370-9852
Ezekiel Ishay Irene intertimend@aol.com 954-471-6000
Bezrodnaya Irina irinabez@gmail.com 954-661-4776
Reyes Isabel Iris 786-663-3073
Moreno Cecilia Isabel cuaimoreno@yahoo.com 954-916-0563
Moreno Cecilia Isabel cuaimoreno@yahoo.com 954-916-0563
Quintero Isabela isabela@us1floridarealty.com 954-300-5346
Sedghi J Isabelle isabelle.sedghi@gmail.com 954-290-1523
Rivas Isidoro realestate.rivas@gmail.com 954-495-1441
Fully Ivette ivettefully@yahoo.com 954-474-5259
Cedillo Steed Jack jackcedillo@hotmail.com 954-940-2847
Pellinger Edward Jack 954-475-7156
Miyasato Jackeline jkmiyasato@gmail.com 954-296-0249
Miyasato Jackeline jkmiyasato@gmail.com 954-296-0249
Hankins E Jackie jhuffner@aol.com
Bacaris Jean Jacqueline cjimjack1@bellsouth.net 954-236-3678
Diamond Jacqueline jacque.diamond@gmail.com 954-243-4008
Eisner Jacqueline jacklynn028@aol.com 954-436-4181
Bruce Lyn Jaime agent21aaa@aol.com 954-604-2757
Carr Murray James murraycarr@yahoo.com 954-817-0097
Chinelly A Sr James jimmy8150@aol.com 954-475-9900
Chinelly A Sr James jimchinellysr@aol.com
Chinelly Anthony James jimchinellysr@aol.com
Kane Gray James kbflv@ammi.net
Nastasi James jamesnastasi@ymail.com 954-616-8686
Paul Patrick James jppaul2@aol.com 954-370-9249
Rinehart A James jamesbuysandsells@gmail.com 954-444-6969
Saccullo James
Poe Lorraine Janet jlpoe@bellsouth.net 954-472-9088
Schafer K Janette janettes1111@yahoo.com 954-298-7791
Carberry Sambrook Janice 954-475-9756
Kapit Janice janiok1@aol.com 954-663-2850
Hochman Stephen Jason jhochman@bellsouth.net 954-483-4390
Mejia Javier javines@aol.com 239-273-2215


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