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NameE-mail AddressLocal Phone
Maher Paula Ana anamaher17@gmail.com 305-335-4700
Maher Paula Ana anamaher17@gmail.com 305-335-4700
Rudchenco Maria Ana 954-524-4385
Tenaglia R. Ana jessicapreciserealty@gmail.com 786-344-4106
Nowes Ana Maria nowesamapi@hotmail.com 561-901-0802
Robinson Ballester Ana Maria annamaria.robinson@comcast.net 954-527-5900
Kallas Anastasia anastasiakallas@aol.com 954-766-2922
Bonzon Pascal Andre
Perry Richard Andre golfadikt22@gmail.com 540-273-2735
Harrington F Andrea andreaharrington58@gmail.com 954-868-2681
Hellman L Andrea
Lytle W Andrea awlytle@yahoo.com 954-771-0215
Patnik Andrea parklandc21@aol.com 954-647-2394
Pontorno Xavier Andrea itsandreap@aol.com 954-763-2786
Senesi Louise Andrea senesi@bellsouth.net 954-771-1949
Settembrino Andrea cpa.andrea@gmail.com 954-560-1606
Tsakanikas Klaits Andrea ktandrea@aol.com 954-214-0211
Tsakanikas Klaits Andrea ktandrea@aol.com 954-214-0211
Vigil Isabel Andrea vigilrealestate@gmail.com 305-975-1246
Vitale Andrea the_vitales@comcast.net
Guerke Udo Andreas auguerke@aol.com 954-567-3441
Faulkner Andree andreefaulkner@msn.com 754-244-5002
Hernandez Jose Andreina 954-864-7716
Bonell Andres andresbonell@hotmail.com
Toro Andres andres.toro@engelvoelkers.com 786-488-8516
Dittoe Doyle Andrew adittoe@acadiaprop.com 954-647-2900
Edwards Kirby Andrew andrew@edwardsrealtygroup.net 954-336-4941
Finley Vincent Andrew avfinley@gmail.com 954-551-4984
Gumberg Donald Andrew geneg@gumberg.com
Martin L Andrew ocalamar@aol.com 954-649-8299
Martin L Andrew ocalamar@aol.com 954-649-8299
Reich Andrew andrewreich507@hotmail.com 954-894-9542
Rudzinski J Andrew andrew.rudzinski@cbre.com 954-630-1847
Russo W Andrew arusso1105@gmail.com 954-763-2984
Steinberg Andrew andysteinberg1@gmail.com 954-214-7304
Zarubin Andriy andreyzarubin@gmail.com 954-661-6054
Weiser Andy
Akerstrom Anette anette_akerstrom@bellsouth.net 954-825-3115
Calzadilla M Angel hermes-priapos104@hotmail.com 954-525-6046
D'Ulisse Marie Angel angelbrad@hotmail.com 954-552-9550
Suarez M Angel asuarez@aol.com 954-267-0620
Anobile Angela aanobile@comcast.net 954-567-1557
Bailey Angela angloftus@hotmail.com 480-735-4433
Bennett J Angela aj.bennett@live.com 561-289-4250
Ergon Bluem Greta Angela
Flavell Marie Angela flavell@bellsouth.net
Kane Lynn Angela angelakane7@gmail.com 850-324-1635
Kuchel Marie Angela angela.kuchel@hotmail.com 954-805-8853
Lavalley Angela angelalav@msn.com 310-621-8477
Mones V Angela monesa@bellsouth.net 954-777-3737


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