Search Results for: City of Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Agents

NameE-mail AddressLocal Phone
Mancini Louis Anthony mancinianthony@yahoo.com 954-558-2146
Marcello C Anthony amarcello3@mac.com 954-315-3810
Marcello C Anthony amarcello3@mac.com 954-315-3810
Mingoia M Anthony
Mingoia M Anthony
Naples G Anthony tonynaples@hotmail.com 954-565-7644
Russo F Anthony beachxs4u@bellsouth.net 954-763-2995
Vitale S Anthony the_vitales@comcast.net
Benevides Cesar Antonio acbene@gmail.com 754-234-4772
Duran Antonio antonioduranm@gmail.com 954-644-2592
Ricatti Antonio tonyricatti@aol.com 954-786-4753
Vargas Antonio
Burke L April aprilburke007@aol.com
Wiener April aprilwiener@gmail.com 954-632-2622
Cabanas Ariadna 954-274-7691
Levin Arianne bella7531@yahoo.com 214-733-7366
Bernstein Rebecca Ariel ariel@rbernstein.com 561-758-7312
Ruiz Jose Ariel arielruiz1@gmail.com 954-559-5412
Everett Del Carmen Arlene aeverun@aol.com 954-881-4485
Diaz Armando
Santese B Armando
Fried Arnold 954-782-3122
Athanas William Arthur awathanas@yahoo.com 954-938-7868
Bartholomew Arthur arthurwb4@gmail.com 610-659-0522
Cote Paul Arthur apcfla123@yahoo.com 954-610-7064
Frimet A Arthur fda@bellsouth.net 954-522-0021
Hvidsten Arvid blues05@bellsouth.net 954-739-9208
Patel R Arvind arvindpatel747@yahoo.com 954-969-9101
Franco Frances Arys arysfranco@comcast.net 786-515-5852
Coppola Marie Ashley amc190ftl@aol.com 954-632-0211
Gabriel Marre Ashley ashleymarre@hotmail.com 561-716-3959
Stern Roselle Ashley workwithashley@yahoo.com 954-263-8026
Ribas B Augusto ribasaugusto@gmail.com 954-849-3913
Longsworth Ava 954-662-4906
Maguire Maria Avanna amsahagian@aol.com 954-812-6837
Maguire Maria Avanna amsahagian@aol.com 954-812-6837
Hue Nadine Avril avrilhue@yahoo.com 305-216-5226
Hue Nadine Avril avrilhue@yahoo.com 305-216-5226
Jackson L Avrum ascapco@comcast.net 561-638-9014
Weiss Ayda tap006@gmail.com 954-303-7888
Mahayni Ayham 954-563-4955
Mahayni Ayham 954-563-4955
Khan J Azim jim5khan@yahoo.com 954-792-3802
Loe B Babo babo1@bellsouth.net 954-523-0692
Stewart Baldwin baldwinstewart@aol.com 954-973-3226
Fellows Nicolette Bambi bambifellows@yahoo.com 954-770-2748
Boatman Barbara bboatman@ymail.com 816-206-4130
Cailis Ann Barbara
Collier M Barbara barbc2500@comcast.net 561-212-6450
Crockett Dell Barbara marley4chase@aol.com 954-474-3725


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