Search Results for: City of Hallandale Real Estate Agents

NameE-mail AddressLocal Phone
Kizhner G Irina 954-458-7035
Voronkova S Irina irinamiami@yahoo.com 954-592-5574
Voronkova S Irina irinamiami@yahoo.com 954-592-5574
Voronkova S Irina irinamiami@yahoo.com 954-592-5574
Naymark T Irit irit.naymark@gmail.com 305-710-6982
Ospina Leonor Irma ospinarealtor@yahoo.com 786-308-7583
Orozco Maria Isabel isorri66@hotmail.com 786-357-0204
Keboudi Isac 305-606-7879
Rabinovich Isak ossteeh@yahoo.com 954-474-1921
Merengueli Isavelmari vmerengueli@gmail.com 954-483-1699
Merengueli Isavelmari vmerengueli@gmail.com 954-483-1699
Sagi Istvan sagis@bellsouth.net 954-454-6937
Loaiza Ivette ivetterealtor@gmail.com 305-244-6684
Kravec Jacobo kravecj@bellsouth.net 954-454-1757
Paul Bernard Jacques jacquesbernardpaul@yahoo.com 954-573-5798
Quijano Roberto Jaime quijanojaime@hotmail.com 786-247-4435
Padilla E Jairo jairoepadilla@comcast.net 954-454-7917
Palter Jake jjpalter@aol.com 917-538-8389
Furnello P James jimfurnello@gmail.com
Leider Gabriel James theleider@aol.com 954-381-8880
Swingley C James
Leon Janet jcleonaventura@yahoo.com 305-970-1612
Pujol Janette janettepujol@bellsouth.net 954-454-1789
Zaltman Janice 305-632-2606
Allard Janique lebelteam@bellsouth.net 954-455-0872
Relyea Perry Jason skan37@aol.com 954-558-5378
Gorfinkel Brian Jay jgorf17@hotmail.com 305-975-6929
Ehrlich Jeffrey jeffreyehrlich@aol.com 954-662-7772
London R Jeffrey parrrecoveryinc@aol.com 617-306-3808
Lowe Peter Jeffrey jefflo@bellsouth.net 954-457-8599
Olson E Jeffrey jeffolson7@aol.com 305-509-4115
Kaidanovits-Rogers Jekaterina kaidanovits@gmail.com 305-216-5731
Grady Jelena jelena_realestate@hotmail.com 305-215-0036
Romero Barkow Jeri jeriromero@yahoo.com
Edelberg William Jerome 954-559-6011
Klein Jerry jerryklein797@gmail.com 954-804-9444
Rabinovitch Jerry
Poole Silas Jimmy jimmyspoole@yahoo.com 954-456-5456
Burton M Joan jrelady@bellsouth.net
Kalver M Joanne joannekalver@bellsouth.net 954-458-9812
Waldman Joel
Bolick Johanna joli13m@aol.com 954-298-0176
Levy Johanna johislevy@yahoo.com 954-260-6983
Bolos John johnbolos@gmail.com 813-477-8893
Marino John 954-415-7702
Marino John 954-415-7702
Massad John 954-274-1015
Massad John 954-274-1015
O'Neil Rees John
Rubiano A John rubiano_john@yahoo.com 786-326-2300


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