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NameE-mail AddressLocal Phone
Messina Andrew Frank frankamessina@hotmail.com 772-647-9454
Laguerre Fred bellevuerealty@hotmail.com 954-749-2793
Patino Baronio Freddy fbpatino2002@yahoo.com 954-730-3205
Melephant Diane Frederica letmesellyour1castle@yahoo.com 954-741-7419
Melephant Diane Frederica letmesellyour1castle@yahoo.com 954-741-7419
Bejacmar Reed Fredrika fredbjac@yahoo.com 954-742-6607
Phanord Gerald Fritz fgpgeto@gmail.com 954-749-5335
Letakis E George gletakis@yahoo.com 786-303-7447
Termotto George reagrt@aol.com 954-748-6977
Mentor Geraldine buysellwithgeraldine@yahoo.com 954-709-2348
Mentor Geraldine buysellwithgeraldine@yahoo.com 954-709-2348
Dixon Sir Ransford Gifford gifford.realtor@yahoo.com 954-980-8212
Viel Paul Gilles
Hernandez Gloria gloriasolz@yahoo.com 954-401-0704
Bloomfield Shaun Gregory g.bloomfield@live.com 954-353-0485
Cook Douglas Gregory greg@gregory-cook.com 954-733-1460
Tosti Pablo Gustavo gustaugus@msn.com 954-394-8766
Basdeo Haripersad info@haribasdeo.com 954-718-8867
Carpenter Harriett flamingohousingg@aol.com 954-448-5936
Baldwin Heath hbaldwin01@gmail.com 954-661-3972
Nathan Helen
Lumpkins L Henry 954-731-1758
Hunter W Horace horous88@comcast.net 386-238-4594
Enrique Emil Howard howardenrique01@gmail.com 954-882-8130
Kim Kevin Hyeongkyu kkim1214@hotmail.com 954-336-0178
Cotterell Tracey Ian ianian@att.net 954-625-5555
Hill Johnson May Ita ital1@bellsouth.net 954-825-6780
Pottinger Joan Jacqueline jackie.pottinger@m-e.aecom.com 954-733-9847
Vachon Anne Jacqueline jacauelinevahon@bellsouth.net 954-777-4763
Debas Pierre Jacques lesdebas@aol.com 954-739-8277
Singh Jagbir 954-562-3991
Irving R James misc@irving.ws 305-791-4616
Francis Herman Jarvis jarvisfrancis@bellsouth.net 954-746-5575
Mctague Jason jmctague@meridiantrustllc.com 954-261-6385
Mctague Jason jmctague@meridiantrustllc.com 954-261-6385
Brunache Jean jeanbrunache@yahoo.com
Vernon Jeanadell (954)931-5293 954-735-4372
Orna Denisse Jeeni jeeniorna@gmail.com 954-242-5535
Junker Dale Jeffery realland@bellsouth.net 954-572-9638
Ostroff L Jeffrey jeff@jeffostroff.com 561-703-5644
Faine C Jeffry
Mclean Oliver Jerome jeromemclean@hotmail.com 754-368-7942
Mclean Oliver Jerome jeromemclean@hotmail.com 754-368-7942
Chisholm Michelle Jillian jillian@angelpm.com 954-937-3366
Cook Rubin Joan joan@joanrubincook.com 954-733-1460
Lenard L Joan 954-684-6822
Tulloch Pamela Joan tulloch4@hotmail.com 954-749-0877
Dorsey Odoms Joanne joannedorsey25@yahoo.com 954-742-2505
Jacques Job job.jacques@yahoo.com 954-600-5351
Beckford G John jgbeckford@aol.com 954-981-9003


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