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NameE-mail AddressLocal Phone
Plicka Ivo florida2821@hotmail.com 702-372-2667
Gonzalez C Ivonne ivonne@glmrealty.com 954-394-8907
Vargas Ashley Jacklyn 954-558-7734
Rodriguez Jacqueline jackierod20@comcast.net 954-885-9924
Eskenazi Jacques jackeske@gmail.com 954-274-0493
Lully Jacques jacqueslully@hotmail.com 305-244-6792
Valencia Jaime valenciarealtor@hotmail.com 786-265-2128
Prieto A Jairo janthonyprieto@gmail.com 305-884-4001
Romero H Jairo jairohr@hotmail.com 954-401-3370
Martinek Jakub jkmartinek@yahoo.com 954-438-3580
Martinek Jakub jkmartinek@yahoo.com 954-438-3580
Balcells M Janet janetbalcells@bellsouth.net
Scott Amanda Janice jscottradio@yahoo.com 954-534-3688
Baldwin Sade Jasmine j.baldwin958@gmail.com 954-447-8923
Lawson J Jason jasonjlawson@gmail.com 954-805-4355
Osuna J Javier jav.5@hotmail.com 954-237-6427
Alfrenar Pierre Jean palfrenar@yahoo.com 954-441-4937
Christian Rene Jean jchris6939@comcast.net 954-442-1852
Destine Jean 954-893-0960
Fils Aime Bernard Jean fjean64@hotmail.com 786-277-0275
Jules Jean jjules8963@aol.com 305-970-7914
Maragh Jean jeanmaragh@aol.com 954-885-1941
Maragh Jean jeanmaragh@aol.com 954-885-1941
O'Reilly Jean 954-433-1433
Wallace Jean jeanwall@bellsouth.net
Jean-Charles Jean-Robert 786-367-1264
Miller L Jeanette 850-654-5946
Miller L Jeanette 850-654-5946
Sanchez Vanzina Jeanette jeanettevs2002@yahoo.com 954-663-1908
Miller R Jeffrey jeffrmiller@att.net
Miller R Jeffrey jeffrmiller@att.net
Hernandez Jeimmy gjeimmy@live.com 954-756-2726
Jeantel Donnaree Jenniene jeantels@bellsouth.net 954-600-9547
Lee Sheramine Jennifer jennyslee.98@gmail.com 954-319-3558
Settembrino Jennifer jennestate27@yahoo.com 954-448-3556
Ivy Jerome jerome.ivy@century21.com 954-885-0100
Tracey R Jerome jrtracey1@hotmail.com 954-632-2621
Efstathion Jerry
Mitchell Dennis Jerry jd801@bellsouth.net
Mitchell Dennis Jerry jd801@bellsouth.net
Lams Liza Jessica jkaya@bellsouth.net 954-292-7723
Malcolmson E Jessica jm77jm@gmail.com 954-559-1154
Malcolmson E Jessica jm77jm@gmail.com 954-559-1154
Abikarram Zacarias Jesus abikarram@aol.com 786-285-4745
Escobedo Jesus floridaintl@gmail.com 954-914-2726
Hernandez Angel Jesus 954-885-1522
Nelson Jetro maryjet@hotmail.com 305-336-3999
Villagomez F Jhonattan jfvo1972@hotmail.com 305-323-0581
Brown Andrene Jillian jillianbrown23@yahoo.com 954-435-1096
Gave Jimmy jimmyg@realestateteammates.com 305-829-1621


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