Search Results for: City of Parkland Real Estate Agents

NameE-mail AddressLocal Phone
Weinbaum Paul Martin martyweinbaum@hotmail.com 954-579-5611
Butters Anne Mary annezhappy@aol.com 954-464-5167
Heller Frances Mary
De Rose Maryann barmar46@hotmail.com 954-753-8000
Sullivan Maryann 954-752-8915
Vitro Marybeth mbvitro@gmail.com 954-775-0451
Herrera Matilde fredmatty@aol.com 954-344-0310
Atkinson Jograj Maxine maxjoi@aol.com 954-234-7525
Romagosa Mayrim mayrimr@hotmail.com 954-227-0101
Roth E Mel melroth@international-mtg.com
Buhrman Melanie 954-822-0702
Condill Nadine Melanie
Salle Elaine Melanie melsal21@hotmail.com 954-729-1416
Di Salvo Joy Melissa melissa9106@aol.com 954-345-9099
Hayes Mercy casademercy@aol.com 954-752-0047
Citron Michael michaellcitron@aol.com 954-609-0591
Cohen Douglas Michael
Goldstein Scott Michael
Herrera Federico Michael phdherrera@aol.com 561-470-5147
Mills Vernon Michael mchaelvmills@yahoo.com 954-651-3477
Mills Vernon Michael mchaelvmills@yahoo.com 954-651-3477
Samaroo Michael mikesamaroo@aol.com 561-703-9579
Schulman Craig Michael mike.c.schulman@gmail.com 561-239-8409
Mizrachy A Michele mmizrachy@yahoo.com 954-340-2540
Mizrachy A Michele mmizrachy@yahoo.com 954-340-2540
Nicholson Michele parklandtwins@aol.com 954-757-2576
Tuckish Michele mtuckish@comcast.net 954-753-9291
Gonyea Marie Michelle michipg@aol.com 954-384-9100
Silverstone Michelle
Ryan Anthony Milton tryan78638@aol.com 954-796-1215
Zhuang Ming mpeterzhuang@yahoo.com 954-612-2554
Jones Simone Mireille mcjones@mris.com 301-466-2156
Canizalez Delvalle Mirelbys mirelbyscanizalez@yahoo.com 954-592-3290
Singer Scott Mitchell emci27@bellsouth.net 954-494-9134
Hossain B Mohamed kajolb007@gmail.com
Mazlin Myra fammaz@aol.com 954-752-0635
Mazlin Myra fammaz@aol.com 954-752-0635
Bertman R Myrna mrb@coralsprings.org
Damson Blair N blair@blairdamson.com 954-255-5262
Shehadeh Nadera naderashehadeh@bellsouth.net 561-248-8429
Cory Nadine 954-575-5475
Caltabiano Nancy nancysjc@aol.com 954-557-0617
Russo J Nancy 954-501-1011
Cheremeta Natalia nataliacheremeta@yahoo.com 954-600-1737
Rosa Nicholas nickrosa@aol.com 954-336-4695
Santini Antonio Sean Nicolas nicolas1780@gmail.com 954-757-8617
Hutchinson M. Nicole nicole.m.hutchinson@gmail.com 954-914-8608
Dadia Niren niren_dadia@hotmail.com 954-263-2212
Singer A Norma missflores@hotmail.com 954-472-8955
Sperling Norman nsperlin@bellsouth.net 954-709-0364


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