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NameE-mail AddressLocal Phone
Cerny Louis Brian briancerny@matstar.net 954-475-8833
Hausfeld Matthew Brian brihaus11@aol.com 954-632-8038
Monaco Allen Brian brianmonaco@aol.com 954-980-9368
Monaco Allen Brian brianmonaco@aol.com 954-980-9368
Savits Jay Brian briansavits@yahoo.com 786-263-1515
Walker Scott Brian keg1686@aol.com 954-801-4987
Cianci Joseph Bruce bcianci@cianciconstruction.com 954-376-3931
Pana Camelia cameliap@live.com 954-703-0280
Bjorksten Carl carlbjorksten@gmail.com 954-303-2189
Cabieses M Carla 954-723-0005
Novello J. Carla novellogroup@kw.com 954-653-4406
Rodriguez Rafael Carlos cred316@aol.com 561-998-9326
Rodriguez Rafael Carlos carlos@sailingrealty.com 954-609-4453
Rodriguez Carlos carlos@sailingrealty.com 954-609-4453
Sordo Carlos csorlan@comcast.net 954-448-9123
Ulloa E Carlos c_ulloa11@yahoo.com 954-701-1003
Weiner B Carly contrlfk7@aol.com 954-646-8435
Carpenter Maria Carmen lagomar301@aol.com 954-472-7671
Donahue Lucia Carmen carmen.donahue@gmail.com 954-327-8177
Anderson Lynn Carol clanderson9908@aol.com 954-476-6939
Bullock D Carol carolbullock10@aol.com 954-849-3550
Halpern L Carol carol@halphernusa.com 954-472-8303
Sinclair Maureen Carol snow4806@hotmail.com 954-423-1314
Stanley R Carol
Templin Sorensen Carol ctemplin@bellsouth.net 954-474-1978
Nichols Elvira Carole luna.n@axistechnology.com 954-540-9876
Panighini Maria Carolina panighinic@bellsouth.net 954-584-9406
Burns S Carolyn cburnsrealtor@aol.com
Sutton Carolyn 954-577-1912
Turner L Carolyn ctu6467011a@aol.com 561-358-6336
Cardoso Cassia casmariau@aol.com 954-553-6954
Daguilar B Cecil cd39aguilar@yahoo.com 954-557-3191
Gonzalez Celso celsoic@aol.com 954-684-3881
Osorio Augusto Cesar kwinvest@aol.com 954-888-5991
Chernet E Chad chernetc@gmail.com 954-319-2013
Bleibel M Chadi chad7411@aol.com 954-254-3337
Posner Chanah mcposner@comcast.net 954-452-0991
Singh Koomar Chandra chandraksingh@hotmail.com 954-236-7064
Hovey C Charlene charlene.hovey@comcast.net 954-540-4043
Bonfiglio Joseph Charles chuckbonfiglio@aol.com 954-445-9818
Bonfiglio Joseph Charles chuckbonfiglio@aol.com 954-445-9818
Cherry W Charles ccherry2@gmail.com 813-267-7342
Cortes G Charles charlescortes@msn.com 305-895-0683
Odenz Jonathan Charles cjo8682@aol.com 954-650-9755
Owen W Charles cowen81@yahoo.com 321-624-5260
Abraham G Charlotte relocateu@aol.com
Abraham G Charlotte relocateu@aol.com
Graf Ann Charlotte chargraf@bellsouth.net 954-452-8185
Orton K Charlotte 954-587-9393
Derizzio Hansen Cheddiemae cheddied@gmail.com 347-581-8634


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