Search Results for: City of Plantation Real Estate Agents

NameE-mail AddressLocal Phone
Diamond Cheri Lynn cld@diamondrealestatetraining.com 954-383-9875
Toy Ann Cheryl 954-474-8070
Jao Chien-Ming neodie@yahoo.com 954-655-4114
Roldan Elena Christina 786-525-9660
Tokar Marlena Christina cmtokar@aol.com 954-474-7427
Adler Christine 954-785-2900
Adler Christine 954-785-2900
Conti M Christine cconti0325@yahoo.com 754-223-3995
Cowling John Christopher ccowling@trane.com 954-474-8945
Ebanks W Christopher chris@mekwilink.com 954-319-7265
Gonzales E Christopher 954-303-0538
Perez G Christopher chrisperez7@mac.com 305-725-8913
Richardson Joseph Christopher realferrari@yahoo.com 561-832-7363
Torlone Michael Christopher c21torlone@yahoo.com
Upton J Christopher uptoncj@aol.com 954-882-4846
Foster Cintia cintiafosterealtor@msn.com 954-394-0100
Rene De Cotret M Claude clauderene@bellsouth.net 954-581-4260
Allen Stewart Claudette jsweet212@yahoo.com 954-583-9870
Vance Saladino Claudia
Williams Beverly Claudine 305-653-5102
Bennett Conway mrcbennett@hotmail.com
Teason H Cory coryteason@aol.com 954-609-3045
Perez Cosme coz24@bellsouth.net 954-587-2343
Grosby H Craig cgrosby@hotmail.com 954-583-4252
Rogers Philip Craig 954-915-8450
Hessen May Crescent crescent.hessen@century21.com 954-709-3261
Gardner Saes Cristina gardnr02@hotmail.com 954-214-3854
Burls Yvonne Crystal jcburls@yahoo.com 954-357-4514
Caldwell Lachoy Crystal crystallachoycaldwell@yahoo.com 954-599-5970
Bradley Walker Curtis curtbrad@bellsouth.net 954-765-6500
Henriksen R Cyndi henriksen.c@ewm.com
Ambrose J Cynthia greatestpotential@gmail.com 954-321-3656
Barnhart R Cynthia cindy@barnhartre.com 954-804-6355
Bedoya Joyce Cynthia cjbedoya@bellsouth.net 954-873-5251
Gurdus W Cynthia cynthia@buyfl.com 954-476-2118
Zimmerman Cynthia alligatorcat@hotmail.com
Berman J Dale daleberman@comcast.net
Elazar Hizkiya Dana deh747@gmail.com 954-708-0026
Draizin Daniel ddraizin@comcast.net 954-474-3270
Goldstein Daniel lorendan@aol.com 954-475-0913
Riemer P Daniel riemer59@gmail.com 954-557-6111
Sokoloff Paul Daniel socouf@hotmail.com 954-448-4107
Tate Maurice Daniel firemedic1225@yahoo.com 954-298-5831
Travis Paul Daniel travis9169@gmail.com 954-226-2155
Zarra Daniel fsudz@aol.com 954-881-1919
Friedman D'Andrea Daniela 954-553-3175
Shimoni Daniela daniellashimoni@hotmail.com 954-821-0585
Aguiar Danielle
Cerny Tremblay Danielle danie0102@hotmail.com 954-475-8833
Dilenge A Danielle d_dilenge@yahoo.com 954-593-9643


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