Search Results for: City of Plantation Real Estate Agents

NameE-mail AddressLocal Phone
Kilcoyne L Amy amykilcoyne@hotmail.com 954-439-0996
Ostrau Amy
Aponte Imelda Ana aia.aponte@gmail.com 754-368-4770
Huffer Coronel Ana anahuffer@att.net 305-951-7201
Ibanez Milena Ana anamile04@hotmail.com 954-993-2068
Lamberti M Ana 954-382-0532
Pflum Carreras Ana anapflum@yahoo.com 954-424-9610
Ramirez B Ana anabrenda28@yahoo.com 954-236-3420
Shore Ana anairene@comcast.net
Forato Ana Carolina carol@foratodesigngroup.com 954-773-9772
Yedid Anat 954-696-5792
Perlo Andre aperlo@comcast.net 954-473-5049
Venter Johann Andre fish7days@bellsouth.net 954-577-4323
Arango Andrea angelicarango@hotmail.com 305-303-0239
Joy Andrea andreajoy@bellsouth.net 954-600-8689
Marrero Cara Andrea andrea-marrero@hotmail.com 954-816-9641
Marrero Cara Andrea andrea-marrero@hotmail.com 954-816-9641
Delgado Felipe Andres delgatech@yahoo.com 305-458-5957
Mambuca Manuel Andres andres@teammambuca.com 786-444-7024
Mambuca Manuel Andres andres@teammambuca.com 786-444-7024
Ackerman Scott Andrew andrew.ackerman@cbre.com 954-980-5116
Barry Daniel Andrew adbcustomcontracting@gmail.com 954-370-0256
Trumbach E Andrew andrew@trumbach.com 954-931-9244
De La Cruz Aleman Angel
Diaz Massiel Angela mass0326@yahoo.com 954-696-2891
Grieve Renee Angela 954-584-6031
Sapp Rose Marie Angela lossapps@aol.com
Mc Garey Angeles 954-474-8585
Mc Garey Angeles 954-474-8585
Forman Ann ann@annforman.com
Gehring N Ann anngehring@yourhouse7.com 954-240-8621
Visnitskaya Anna
Quintal Anna-Lyn annaquintal@comcast.net 954-817-2362
Klem Anne anne227@comcast.net 954-792-5010
Waldron Marie Anne
Lacroix-Vega Caroline Anne-Marie amclv@aol.com 954-581-0827
Barrett Roy Anthony arb@anthonyrbarrett.com 954-553-0265
Johnson Anthony
Wood Wilson Anthony twood12@bellsouth.net 954-557-6793
Pineda Jesus Antonio tonyjpineda@gmail.com 954-472-4710
Vurro Antonio tony@vurro.com
Garcia Arelis arelis3276@gmail.com 954-288-7420
Abraham Dee Arianne arianne@theabrahamteam.com 954-593-0357
Saban Moses Ariel 954-472-7036
Obasogie Rosalie Arlene aobasogie@bellsouth.net 954-236-0099
Yazejian Armand amorellogroup@gmail.com 954-370-9031
Diaz Armando adiaz@easyhome-realty.com 954-944-9590
Mitchell Clay Arnold
Mitchell Clay Arnold
Stanley R Arnold


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