Search Results for: City of Tamarac Real Estate Agents

NameE-mail AddressLocal Phone
Gonzalez Marina Luz 954-718-1663
Rojas E Luz luxkola1@yahoo.com 954-873-5990
Sewell Susan Madeline appraisalpointe@yahoo.com 305-609-7805
Redder Magdalena maggiegeefun58@aol.com 754-423-0063
Singh Manny msingh4law@aol.com 954-586-6000
Gatell Gail Marcy marcyg58@gmail.com 954-309-9853
Kilfeather Margarita damaharris@yahoo.com
Ramirez L Margarita lorer21_261@hotmail.com 954-803-9042
Ciappesoni Monica Maria ciappersoni@msn.com 954-532-1758
Cujar Ines Maria 954-647-1679
Fuentes Yolanda Maria yolandafuentes2@comcast.net 954-646-6143
Mona E Maria euco2010@hotmail.com 954-721-9625
Mona E Maria euco2010@hotmail.com 954-721-9625
Quadri R Maria mariaquadri@comcast.net 954-721-8439
Santini Maria
Vergez Fernanda Maria 754-245-1769
Gillis Annette Marian 954-721-5275
Anselme Schesly Marie 954-722-2766
Mckenzie S Marie mariemckenzie@gmail.com 954-683-1947
Mckenzie S Marie mariemckenzie@gmail.com 954-683-1947
Sammet Ann Marie mariesammetc21@gmail.com 954-600-3131
Ferraro A Mariel marferraro@hotmail.com 786-326-1957
Lipsinic Marijan mc051269cro@yahoo.com 954-536-2092
Rosenkrantz Marilyn
Samedy Marilyn mspropexec@gmail.com 954-673-9891
Gallo Marina mgallo0731@comcast.net 954-731-6877
Maharaj Sabino Marita maritasm@bellsouth.net 954-868-1164
Maharaj Sabino Marita maritasm@bellsouth.net 954-868-1164
Kornfeld Sue Marjorie mkornie@att.net
Kurtz Steven Mark 954-722-2050
Luis Patrick Mark markluis.realtor@yahoo.com 954-547-5438
Narbonne Mark 954-721-5295
Spergel Mark 954-889-9000
Poris Marla
Robinson Wayne Marlon marlon7777@hotmail.com 954-588-1915
Jureidini Marsha marshamj@yahoo.com 954-709-7274
Caidin Autry Martha
Procopio A Martha mdprocopio@yahoo.com 954-654-4980
Restrepo Martha martharestrepo334@hotmail.com 954-821-9872
Berkman Joel Marvin flabroker01@gmail.com 954-894-1177
Kaleky Marvin ableappr@yahoo.com 954-720-0125
Carter Ellen Mary
O'Connor Patricia Mary poconnor@veritasrealestategroup.com 954-554-4881
Corona Theresa Maryann mcorona7@bellsouth.net 954-721-6260
Adeline-Cintorino Maxine
Edwards D. Maxine maxinejde@yahoo.com 954-977-9557
Elliott Maxine
Silva M Maxine maxinesilva@hotmail.com 954-554-5982
Gila Menny megila@email.com 954-484-5875
Winnick S Merlie merliewinnick@aol.com 954-575-4667


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