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NameE-mail AddressLocal Phone
Karger A Aaron aakarger@gmail.com 305-582-5580
Cohen Gail Abiola acohen_60@hotmail.com 954-587-2002
Valiente Garcia Ada southfloridaland@bellsouth.net 954-452-0330
Valiente Garcia Ada southfloridaland@bellsouth.net 954-452-0330
Jangbahadoor Adaish adaishj@hotmail.com 954-304-0939
Ouellette John Adam adam@broward-law.com 954-523-0955
Barba A Aidee aide595@hotmail.com 954-540-8258
Menicucci-Sebelen R Aileen aileen.menicucci@gmail.com 954-682-9379
Menicucci-Sebelen R Aileen aileen.menicucci@gmail.com 954-682-9379
Gudaro H Akhtar sammy33162@yahoo.com 954-529-5006
Jones D Alan ajones.realestate@yahoo.com 954-324-0008
Philipson Samuel Alan alanphilipson@gmail.com 954-530-9500
Sirota R Alana asirota@cervera.com 954-383-5333
Barbosa Alba albabarbosa@yahoo.com 954-718-9550
Tabio Alejandro alex@faithfinancial.com 305-200-1721
Cardounel Alex tonicardounel@bellsouth.net
Arachy P Alexa aarachy@aol.com
Barr Kevin Alexander barr.alexander@gmail.com 954-777-8284
Younes Alexandra younesinc@aol.com 305-205-7946
Gonzalez W Alexis mgrlt@comcast.net 954-274-4940
Jackson Danielle Alexsius alexsius@bellsouth.net 954-445-5200
Hamilton C. Alfred ahamilton@pointegroupadvisors.com 954-727-9335
Marvasti Ali 954-617-0857
Marvasti Ali 954-617-0857
Ferreira Alicia aliciafsr@aol.com 786-486-7325
Forero E Alida 954-583-0831
Carrillo Lucia Alina alinacarrillo@bellsouth.net 954-325-5558
Hutchison Reed Alina arhutchison@aol.com
Castillo H Alirio casaliappraisers@aol.com 954-274-2765
Kuttiyani Alisha kuttiyania@bellsouth.net 945-680-9294
Simmons P Allen
Stowe Castellano Marie Allison
Alima Amit amit23@comcast.net 954-822-7707
Raz B Amit floridareoking@gmail.com 954-495-7875
Dabakaroff Alon Amnon amnond@skylandmanagement.com 954-376-1786
Dinter Marie Amy amydinter@bellsouth.net 503-505-1712
Morin Lyn Amy amy.morin@towerquest.com
Morin Lyn Amy amy.morin@towerquest.com
Zisholtz Amy z-3nightriders@aol.com 954-444-3177
Austin V Ana anavaustin@yahoo.com 786-487-9826
Ceballos Maria Ana amceballos@comcast.net 305-978-0530
Lugo Maria Ana alugo147@gmail.com 954-389-9208
Orge Ana ana@orgeteam.com 954-472-1202
Ferreira B Andrea andreabferreira@yahoo.com 954-423-0685
Wolfe I Andrea
Garcia Andres agarpi1@yahoo.com 954-798-3253
Fisher F Andrew fisher1228@aol.com 954-554-2555
Fuxa Andrew ajfuxa@bellsouth.net 954-236-7959
Lax S Andrew andrew@tncre.net 954-214-2818
O'Boyle J Andrew familyandyfun@andyoboyle.com 954-298-7523


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