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NameE-mail AddressLocal Phone
Fischer E Adam adamfischer@bosshardtrealty.com 352-231-3424
Danish A Ahsan adanish09@gmail.com 786-326-7448
Townsend Walter Albert
Townsend Walter Albert
Cardenas J Alejandro ajcard@bellsouth.net 954-255-8506
Lopes Alisson brasileironohawaii@hotmail.com 954-330-7839
Simon L Amanda amykaye03@yahoo.com 954-817-0698
Segelnick M Amy amysegelnick@yahoo.com 954-574-0131
Salinas G Ana anagladys129@yahoo.com 959-722-7144
Tapia L Ana anatapiabroker@gmail.com 954-856-4480
Regnier A Andre 954-873-9202
Oken Andrea andyoken1@gmail.com 954-255-8771
Sanders Dianne Andrea andreasanders@bellsouth.net 954-957-8157
Sanjinez Andrea
Cowan Marie Ann allhomesrealty@yahoo.com 954-520-2112
Cowan Marie Ann allhomesrealty@yahoo.com 954-520-2112
Galt P Anne
Arroyo Marie Annette annette_arroyo@bellsouth.net 954-326-7865
Gordon Marie Annette 954-755-6260
Austwick Thomas Anthony austwick@bellsouth.net 954-415-0997
Journet Evan Anthony tjournet@bellsouth.net 954-682-4162
Cabrera J Antonio ajcm79@hotmail.com 954-822-8573
Davila Antonio tonydf47@yahoo.com 954-993-4851
Mercado Antonio antoniomercado@bellsouth.net 954-575-4881
Mercado Antonio antoniomercado@bellsouth.net 954-575-4881
Vidyarthi Arunkumar arun@abdiversified.com 954-345-5148
Rodriguez Ayumi ayumir@bellsouth.net 954-871-9978
Cerasini R Barbara barbara@floridastaterealtygroup.com 954-752-7587
Lasky L Barbara laskybarb@aol.com
Nagell Jean Barbara barbnagell@bellsouth.net 954-344-8905
O'Byrne J Barbara
Paradowski Ann Barbara barbarac21homes@aol.com 954-796-1501
Schweppe A Barbara wcec@bellsouth.net 954-462-4329
Fine Barry 954-752-4358
Thomas-Bailey Angela Beatrice ecirtaeb@hotmail.com 404-484-7773
Borrero Benito bbmarin@bellsouth.net 954-588-9978
Hall Evon Beverly
Lyoussefi Brahim browarddeals@aol.com 754-246-1872
Frankel D Bret bretfrankel1@yahoo.com 954-345-5444
Davis Oneil Brian brian4realty@aol.com 954-729-0066
Ellis Keith Brian djdeb22@aol.com 954-227-3366
Baroukh Brigitte brigittebaroukh@att.net 305-588-2276
Zivan Bruria zivanb@bellsouth.net 954-344-9889
Killam Carla killamcarla@hotmail.com 954-757-6232
Albert Noemie Carle carlenalbert@yahoo.com 561-506-2033
Guillen A Carlos escorp15@bellsouth.net 954-796-1329
Minguillo Augusto Carlos carlosminguillo@yahoo.com 954-601-7378
Minguillo Augusto Carlos carlosminguillo@yahoo.com 954-601-7378
Montoya Alberto Carlos carlossold@aol.com 954-345-9144
Montoya Alberto Carlos carlossold@aol.com 954-345-9144


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