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NameE-mail AddressLocal Phone
Burke J Aaron hottyaj@aol.com 702-493-6126
Charnack Adam chamack@gmail.com 314-520-5664
Ehlmann Charles Adam adamehlmann@gmail.com 954-980-7120
Fleming Adam 585-713-9787
Sendik Adam asendik@bellsouth.net 954-377-7700
Belt Jack Adrian ajbelt@flaglerdev.com 954-375-2069
Belt Jack Adrian aj.belt@yahoo.com 954-270-7696
Harounoff Joseph Alain aharounoff@yahoo.com 954-695-2655
Hooper Christopher Alan alan@hooperconstruction.net 954-761-1628
Stotsky W Alan astotsky@rentflorida.net 954-767-4748
Stotsky W Alan astotsky@rentflorida.net 954-767-4748
D'Agostino Charles Albert al@gosouthern.net 954-970-4411
Lucia F Alice alice.lucia@am.jll.com 954-649-5590
Bachewicz Ray Allan
Massey Allyson awmrealestate@aol.com
Massey Allyson awmrealestate@aol.com
Benet Rachel Amanda ark0681@aol.com 352-871-3294
Ducat Amy shoppingrl4@aol.com 561-598-9108
Ross Amy 954-763-7785
Tenaglia R. Ana jessicapreciserealty@gmail.com 786-344-4106
Kallas Anastasia anastasiakallas@aol.com 954-766-2922
Harrington F Andrea andreaharrington58@gmail.com 954-868-2681
Hellman L Andrea
Lytle W Andrea awlytle@yahoo.com 954-771-0215
Toro Andres andres.toro@engelvoelkers.com 786-488-8516
Finley Vincent Andrew avfinley@gmail.com 954-551-4984
Gumberg Donald Andrew geneg@gumberg.com
Bailey Angela angloftus@hotmail.com 480-735-4433
Flavell Marie Angela flavell@bellsouth.net
Lavalley Angela angelalav@msn.com 310-621-8477
Williams B Angela angiwilliams.fl@hotmail.com 305-215-6497
Brown Marie Anna brownannamarie55@yahoo.com 954-383-2352
Giusti M Anne
Nocera M Annette amnocera@hotmail.com 954-525-0546
Marcello C Anthony amarcello3@mac.com 954-315-3810
Marcello C Anthony amarcello3@mac.com 954-315-3810
Wiener April aprilwiener@gmail.com 954-632-2622
Levin Arianne bella7531@yahoo.com 214-733-7366
Frimet A Arthur fda@bellsouth.net 954-522-0021
Collier M Barbara barbc2500@comcast.net 561-212-6450
Sears Linnea Barbara prestancia@aol.com 954-385-2116
Taylor Barbara btaylor413@me.com
Wall Ann Barbara barbara.wall@floridamoves.com 954-524-5540
Lap P Benjamin benplap@aol.com 954-523-4096
Olive E Benjamin ben@lasolas-realestate.com 954-334-2255
Lacevic Biljana biljanalacevic@hotmail.com 954-707-1200
Adai T Bindu bindu_adai@yahoo.com 954-661-1131
Dramska Blagoeva Blagoveska dramska@yahoo.com 954-763-8026
Mc Mackin Blaise 954-523-3641
Mc Mackin Blaise 954-523-3641


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