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NameE-mail AddressLocal Phone
Fournier E Victoria ifrealty@gmail.com 954-489-0317
Croce Vincent 954-563-8500
Pellegrini John Vincent vjpellegrini@yahoo.com 561-255-9762
Pettinato Phillip Virgil distinctiveprop@aol.com
Pettinato Phillip Virgil distinctiveprop@aol.com
Maybee B Virginia vmaybee@mindspring.com 954-630-3336
Maybee B Virginia vmaybee@mindspring.com 954-630-3336
Tastel F Vivian vtastel@bellsouth.net 954-489-7717
Brown L Wendy endiwlsb@aol.com 610-762-5524
Langstroth K Wendy
Seidlin A Wendy lseidlin@aol.com 954-566-9844
Bushwaller Joseph William 954-771-0409
Caruso Anthony William bill@billcaruso.com
Ennis Joseph William billjennis@aol.com 954-696-5246
Lasher Gary William bllash08@aol.com 954-781-6562
Owens Carroll William spec5491@aol.com 954-229-7056
Shelton Wesley William wwshelton@comcast.net 954-336-7289
Wasserstrom L William wasserstromw@yahoo.com
Pekarskaya Julia Yuliya juliapekarskaya@bellsouth.net alt ph 954 954-564-1870
Druckman Denning Zoraida zdruckman@msn.com 305-336-3075


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