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NameE-mail AddressLocal Phone
Alamary Joseph Aaron aaron.alamary@hotmail.com 954-655-9612
Puran Anthony Adrian gq101@aol.com 954-445-4994
Williams P Albert rise4realty@bellsouth.net
Villalobos Juan Alejandro alexvilla@bellsouth.net 954-914-6852
Abraham Alex alex@jbmove.com 954-245-9303
Golding A Alston alstong@hotmail.com
Whittick Oliver Alton aow77@aol.com 954-486-7585
Hickman M Amanda amandaprime@bellsouth.net 954-581-1427
Stamper Amir amir.stamper@gmail.com
Mcleod D Angela angelmd29@aol.com 954-288-5271
Mcleod D Angela angelmd29@aol.com 954-288-5271
Mones V Angela monesa@bellsouth.net 954-777-3737
Mones V Angela monesa@bellsouth.net 954-777-3737
Kelly Dawn Annette cool_akelly@yahoo.com 754-234-4825
Carinci Justin Anselmo sabbathpriest@gmail.com 954-598-4611
Louis Arens arensa@live.com 954-249-5016
Sinclair Hyton Baldwin baldnsincla@aol.com 954-822-1823
Robinson E Barbara 954-727-0581
Diggs R Barnette brdiggs11@yahoo.com 954-646-5113
Darang Benjamin bendarang@yahoo.com 954-677-0521
Franklin M Bertha
Combs Etoy Bertisha bertishajones@yahoo.com 754-246-9430
Nelson Brenda brenelson@hotmail.com 954-739-2458
Hopkins A Calvin pastorcal50@yahoo.com 727-424-9357
Pana Camelia cameliap@live.com 954-703-0280
Destine Carlo carlotherealtor@yahoo.com 954-735-9392
Weller Aevon Carol carol_weller@hotmail.com 954-610-1592
Genao Angelica Carolina caroballadares@yahoo.com 954-588-1053
Brown Alexander Charles anytimerealtor@aol.com 954-675-5723
Cortes G Charles charlescortes@msn.com 305-895-0683
Wilson F Cheryl 954-689-7166
Chong Christina tchong1962@yahoo.com 954-578-1962
Dietz Lynn Christine 954-695-0866
Moore Fields Christine seymorefields@aol.com 954-735-1353
Moore Fields Christine seymorefields@aol.com 954-735-1353
Thompson Millicent Coral ctalberta@gmail.com 954-530-7764
Baker G Cynthia cynsuba2@bellsouth.net 954-581-5186
Bowe L Daphne daphsworld@yahoo.com 239-223-8297
Gardener F Darnell spartacusproperties@gmail.com 954-638-6028
Surajh Walter Darryl 954-588-9416
Long Angela Darshawna shawna5454@yahoo 954-864-0677
Morris David davla2000@aol.com 954-792-8286
Morris David davla2000@aol.com 954-792-8286
Cardillo Denise 954-742-6684
Daniel E Donna donque29@msn.com 954-562-8565
Cardillo D Dorinda dbdcleo@aol.com 954-747-4741
Folkes Anthony Earl earlforyoualways@yahoo.com 954-232-4555
Hoseclaw Todd Edward toddhoseclaw@aol.com 305-979-0168
Daniels Lynch Elaine elainedaniels606@yahoo.com 954-445-5127
Koecher C Elaine erealtor2000@yahoo.com


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