Broward County Building Permits

Below are links to the Broward County building permits that can be applied for online. Each links takes you to a page with the names of each permit, a description of the permit and a link to the permit application.  For more information about Broward County's online permit program click here.

A/C Replacement
Accessory Building
Air License - Air Pollution Source (decontamination)
Air Permit - County
Air Permit - State of Florida DEP Construction Permit
Asbestos - Statement of Responsibilities and Notice of Demolition
Awnings & Canopies
Borrow Pit Reclamation Project - Solid Waste Management License
Building Fire Repair
Cable Installation / Modification - Television
Cable Installation / Modification - Television
Commercial Addition
Commercial Buildings
Commercial Demolition
Commercial Interior Partition / Alteration
Commercial Remodel & Repair
Commercial Re-Roof
Compost Area – Sold Waste Management License
Concrete Restoration
Construction & Demolition Debris Disposal Area
Dewatering Approval
Electric Diesel Generator
Electric Fire Alarm
Electric Fire Repair
Electric Gas Generator
Electric Line Installation
Electric Lines
Electric Low Voltage
Electric Low Voltage - Burglar Alarm
Electric Meter Release
Electric Miscellaneous
Electric Power
Electric Service Change Overhead
Electric Service Change Underground
Electric Service Repair
Environmental Resource License
Environmental Review Approval
Fences, Walls & Docks
Force Main Installation
Gas Stations & Repair Garages
Gas Transmission
Hazardous Material Transfer Facility License
Hospitals, Sanatoriums, & Rest Homes
Hotels & Motels
Industrial Plants & Factories
Irrigation installation
Kitchen Remodel
Land Clearing – Environmental Review Approva
Landfill - Solid Waste Management License
Manufactured Buildings
Material Recovery Area or Transfer Station - Solid Waste Management License
Mechanical Fire Repair
Mechanical Fire Suppression
Mechanical Miscellaneous
Mobile Home A/C Hook Up
Monitoring Well
New A/C
Parking Facility Air Quality License
Parking Garage
Paving /drainage
Plumbing Backflow Preventer
Plumbing Backflow Preventer
Plumbing Backflow Preventer
Plumbing Fire Repair
Plumbing Fire Sprinklers
Plumbing Miscellaneous
Plumbing Remodel & Repair
Plumbing Repair & Replace
Plumbing Sewer Hook-Up
Plumbing Site Work
Plumbing Wells
Potable Water Distribution
Reclaimed Water Distribution
Religious Affiliations
Residential Additions
Residential Alterations - Remodels & Repairs
Residential Demolition
Roadway Modification – Paving and Drainage
Roof Repair
Sanitary Sewer/Wastewater Installation
Satellite Dish & Antenna
Screen & Pool Enclosures
Shutters & Panels
Sidewalk Maintenance / Modification – Paving and Drainage
Single Family
Slabs, Driveways, & Parking
Solar System
Special Event
Storage Tank License / Permit
Surface Water Management License
Swimming Pools
Townhouses, Villas, Condos, & Multifamilies
Tree Removal License
Utility Connection to Wastewater Collection/Transmission
Waste Tire Processing – Sold Waste Management License
Wastewater Collection / Transmission System
Wastewater Treatment Plant
Water Installation
Wetland Determination
Window / Door Replacement


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