Most people know about homeowner's insurance, health, life and auto insurance, but the same cannot be said about title insurance. When purchasing a home through a lender, it is most likely that you will be required to obtain title insurance. But what is title insurance and what does it cover? Use our list of resources to discover everything that you need to know about title insurance. Don't overlook this extremely important aspect of buying a home.


Get the Facts

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has an informative pamphlet with everything there is to know about title insurance. How title insurance is used, who must obtain coverage, what value is required and where you can find an affordable policy. If you are purchasing a new home through a lender, you will most likely be required to buy TI. Get the facts.  Read More


Florida TI Manual is Florida's Consumer Affairs website where you can find manuals and informational guides on a number of subjects including Title Insurance. Learn what title insurance is, where to purchase it, how much it usually costs and how if figures in to a typical closing when purchasing a new home.

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FL Rates

When purchasing a home in Florida, you are required to obtain title insurance. Use this simple calculator to determine the amount that you will pay for title insurance in FL. Start by inputting the property value, and you'll get a complete report of current rates, extra charges and fees that will be charged.

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What does BBB say?

The Better Business Bureau works to find businesses that the consumers and the public can trust. The BBB rates businesses on a number of criteria including consumer complaints. The Better Business Bureau has seen many complaints against fraudulent title insurance companies. Get advice and suggestions from the BBB on how to avoid a scam.  Read More



If you are looking for comprehensive information on the subject of title insurance, the reason that you need it, or almost any information that you want, this Wikipedia page has it all. Title insurance is a complex subject with many components. Get a good understanding of the concepts of title insurance.

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Is TI right for you?

When buying a home, the costs add up quickly and seem to come from endless sources. Not only do you have to pay for the house itself, there are interest rates, maintenance fees and now, title insurance. Are you unsure if TI is required? Find out from Don't be caught without the coverage you need.

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Know your Policy

Many people sign contracts without reading or understanding the terms. They may read the 1st page, but then only skim over page 2 and 3. This is a huge mistake, especially when it comes to insurance. Know your policy, what the terms mean and what it provides for. Like Judge Judy say, not knowing the law is no excuse.  Read More


Final Costs

You were approved for a loan from the bank, found a great property and are ready to move into your new home. You have put a lot of money into acquiring the home of your dreams. Now you find out that you need title insurance. Title insurance is only a small portion of you total costs upon closing.  Read More


Q&A's for your agent

Most people are familiar with auto and health insurance, but few know much about title insurance which is part of the closing costs when you purchase property. When the time comes to shop around for a policy, use this list of questions to ask your agent. They will help guide you in finding the best and most affordable policy.  Read More


Comparison Shop

We all comparison shop at the supermarket and when we shop for food and personal items, but can the same be said for when we shop for insurance, specifically title insurance? Is it worth the effort to compare prices and services? Check out this page to get some advice on how to choose the right policy for your situation.  Read More