A residential architect plans, designs and often oversees the construction of new homes and buildings. The problem is that it is not always easy to find the best and most qualified people for the project. Check out our list of resources to learn what to look for and the questions to ask when hiring a residential architect. Knowledge can ensure that you find the quality that you need in the very important role of architect.


How to find the Best RA

Finding the best residential architect can be a daunting task if you don't know what to look for and the correct things to ask the prospective hire. This step by step plan will help you find the best people, how to conduct the initial interview, how to make the final decision and more.  Read More


License Check

As part of the hiring process, you will want to verify the architect's license status. The DBPR supplies information about licensed professionals and businesses in the State of Florida. Verify current license status; get company reviews and complaint history. Search for information by name, license number, city or county.

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Find the Best RA

If you are building a new home, it is very likely that you will need to hire a residential architect. But why, what do they do? Why spend all the extra money? www.creativepool.com gives you the facts on why an architect is needed, the job description of an architect and how to find the best person for the project.

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FL Bar Advice

Did you have construction done on your property and are dissatisfied with the results of the architect or contractor? Not sure where to turn? If you live in the State of Florida and have legal questions, the Florida Bar is always a great place to turn. Learn how to protect your rights.  Read More



Are you starting construction on a new home and in need of an architect? The American Institute of Architecture is a great place to start. Get the facts about the architect's obligations and duties, access research materials, and other helpful resources. Search for a local accredited individual or company.  Read More


Average Fees

So you plan on building a new home. Now you will need to find and hire an Architect to design the building. But what are the fees to hire an architect? Check out www.homeadvisors.com to find out the average prices in your local area or nationwide. Get advice on how to choose the best company.  Read More


Is Hiring a RA Right for you?

When building a new home, there are numerous decisions to be made. One of the first will be who will take your plans and design them into the house of your dreams. Get the facts from Zillow. Find information to determine what contractors you need for your project, if an architect is needed, and how to find the best.

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How to find the Best in FL

If you are looking for an architect in Florida, the AIA is a great place to start. Get a great deal of information starting with the exact procedure to find the most qualified person. Learn the best ways to interview, the questions to ask and how to write the best contract.  Read More


Specific Things to Ask

An architect has an extremely important role in the house building arena. They are more than just designers or planners. If you are in search of a quality architect, and need some help, go to www.houselogic.com.  Find specific things that you should ask an architect prior to being hired for a project.  Read More


RA Reviews

Finding a residential architect to design your new home should not be taken lightly. One of the best ways to check out a architect is to find out what past clients have to say. Was the project started on time, completed with quality workmanship, did it stay within budget and more. Find reviews of local architect's from your area.  Read More