Low housing prices combined with low interest rates can make real estate investing financially rewarding. In fact, experts agree that this is a great time to start your property rental business. But, how do you get started? How do you find an affordable but high quality rental property? How will you know if your lease is legal and binding? How much will taxes be? Our list of resources includes information for the beginner to advanced real estate investor.


New Landlords

Learn how to protect yourself and avoid financial pitfalls when becoming a first time Landlord. There are many things to consider including what will be expected of you as a landlord, how to deal with the application process, how to avoid tenant rights issues, paperwork needed, how to insure that rent is paid on time and much more.  Read More



The Internal Revenue Service can help you get the complete picture of how your rental property will affect your tax return. This great page has everything that you need to gain a clear understanding of what is considered an investment property, where to file, what forms are needed and how to figure out the amount of tax.

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How to Lower your Taxes

If you own an investment property, you need to know what you can lawfully deduct to lower your tax bill. Investopedia has a good list of considerations in regards to the Internal Revenue Service, your taxes and finding lawful deductions. Make tax planning part of your property investment strategy to save money in the long run.  Read More


How to get Started

Have you found a great piece of investment property, but you're not sure if that this is the right time to put your money on the line? Experts say that this is a perfect time to get started. Find a great guide at Bankrate.com to getting some tips and tricks to get you started.  Read More


Questions to ask yourself

Are you wondering if real estate is the right avenue for your future and invest goals? There are so many TV shows that make the process of investing and flipping houses look very easy and profitable. The Motley Fool helps you find out if real estate investing is right for you.  Read more


Help from Zillow

Property prices remain low. Interest Rates also remain low. Now could be the right time to invest in real estate property. Whether you are a new landlord, or you own other properties, these simple tricks from Zillow can help you keep the process or real estate investing in prospective.  Read More


Financial Worksheet

Everyone who invests in stock, real estate or any venture hopes that the investment will go up and generate income for the future. Gain a good understanding of the financial repercussions of owning investment property with this online financial worksheet. Find the answer to how much money you will make with each investment.  Read More


How to get Started

Investing in real estate can be a wonderful experience and financially rewarding if you have the right knowledge. Realestate.com has excellent resources to help get you started in real estate investing including how to establish your investment goals. Get a simple step by step plan to keep you organized and productive.

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Choose the Right Property

Once you have made the decision to become a landlord by purchasing an investment building, you'll need to find the perfect piece of property. There are different types of properties to choose from, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Get the facts on how to choose the right property.  Read More



You may have heard of REIT's on the news or TV. You know that they have something to do with property investing but not sure exactly what. Cornell University has the definition and complete details on REIT's (real estate investment trusts). What they are, who is eligible, how the process works and more.  Read More


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