Every State has their own laws regarding landlord and tenant rights. Florida renters have potent rights to protect them. These include; the right to not be discriminated against, the right to privacy, and the right to live in a property that is repaired and well maintained. Tenants do not need to be lawyers to understand their rights and responsibilities under the law. Below you will find useful tenant rights laws, statutes and information within our list of resources.


Florida Law

The Florida Bar has easy to understand information regarding renter and landlord law specific to the State of Florida. There are provisions in the State Law to protect renters, but the renter has certain responsibilities. Protect yourself. Learn the basics of Florida Tenant Law before you sign the lease and put down the deposit.  Read More


FL Renters Rights: Getting your deposit back

Most likely, when you rent your apartment or house you will need to pay the equivalent of one month's rent to cover any damages that occur to the property during your stay. Learn your rights regarding rental deposits; how much the landlord can charge, the time frame for returning the funds and more.  Read More



The U.S. Department of Housing (HUD) recommends that you know your responsibilities as a tenant. Number one is reading your lease carefully! However, sometimes problems arise and you need legal help and advice. Get HUD's authoritative list of help sites in the areas of Tenant Rights and Laws, specific to the State of Florida. Read More

Broward Help

Are you currently a renter in Broward County, Florida? Do you have questions relating to problems that you are experiencing in your rental community or property? Broward.org provides answers to many common questions about a variety of different renter issues. Need more help? Find a list of Broward County services available. Read More


Florida Landlord Deposit Rules

Just about every renter will eventually place a security deposit in your new landlord's hand. Did you know that every State has specific Laws on what the landlord must do with the money? Find out the rules that Florida landlords must abide by in relation to the security that they are holding for you.  Read More

Know your Lease

The Florida Senate website has a comprehensive list of all the renter/landlord statutes under Florida Law. Get a clear understanding of your rights under the law, the meaning of many of the terms that you will read on your lease, when your landlord can evict, how to get your security deposit back and much more.

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Can't get your Security Back?

So, you moved out of your apartment. You did the exit walk through with the landlord and everything appeared to be fine. The landlord did not point out any issues. But, now after a month you still haven't received your money. Your calls go unanswered. What to do? Go to small claims court. Get the steps at legalzoom.com.

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Free FL Forms

A lease is contract allowing use of property in exchange for rent.  The owner agrees to rent-lease the property to the tenant according to terms within the lease. A lease is legally binding once it has been signed by the owner and the tenant. Find official Free forms and applications for the State of Florida. Read More


Getting Evicted?

Are you behind on your rent and have received a termination notice from your landlord? Are you worried and don't know where to turn? When you need help, Florida Law Help provides information about where to turn. They have a list of the many different facilities in Florida offering legal help to low income Floridians.

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DIY Home Inspection

You must choose your future apartment with care. A lease is a binding contract. Once it is signed, you liable to abide by the terms. Bring this great to-see-list the next time that you inspect an apartment or home to rent. Find the Best Property. Learn what to look for.. room by room.   Read More