Have you lived in your home for a number of years and would like to give it a refresher? Possibly, you want to update your kitchen or bath? Remodeling your home can be both exciting and terrifying. How do you find the right people to do the job? How can you avoid scams and dishonesty? Use our list of resources to learn the most important questions to ask during the interview process, how to verify company information and more.


NAHB Tips and Tricks

If you are going to remodel your home, there are a few things that you should ask yourself. Should you do the job yourself or should you hire a professional company? A lot depends on what type of knowledge you have about the industry. Start with a great list of articles and resources from The National Home Builders Association.  Read More


Energy Efficient

When you are remodeling a home, don't forget all the benefits of making everything energy efficient. Use less energy and help the environment too! Energy.gov has a list of ways to make your home improvement projects more energy efficient, great designs ideas and suggestions on how to cover the costs.

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If you have owned your home for a length of time, you may start to notice things that need fixing-up. Maybe there is a broken door, your kitchen or bathroom cabinets are getting old and outdated or you want newer fresher carpets and flooring. Find the benefits of updating and fixing the problems with your home at realtors.com.  Read More


How to find the Best Companies

Your house is one of your most valuable possessions. Hiring a company or individual to do home repairs or improvements should not be taken lightly. You want to make sure that you hire skilled tradesmen, but they also need to be trustworthy people who will respect your family's privacy. NOLO has a great list of things-to-do during the application and hiring process to ensure you hire the best home improvement company for the job.  Read More



The FTC advises home owners about how to avoid Home Improvement Scams. Fake Loans and Rip off's. Get the facts. Learn common scams, the right questions to ask prospective home improvement hires and ways that you can spot unscrupulous contractors. Having problems with a home improvement contractor or company? File a complaint with FTC.  Read More


Help for seniors

AARP is a trusted source for news, educational information and health tips geared to senior people, age 65 and older. The senior population is in need of home improvements as with all age groups. Some dishonest individuals perceive the elderly as easy targets for a home improvement scams. AARP can help empower seniors to avoid these scams.  Read More


Due Diligence

Allowing anyone that you don't know into your home can be dangerous, therefore it is extremely important that you verify all pertinent information, including State License Status when hiring a contractor or repair person that will have access to your home. Get information about lisenced professionals in the State of Florida.

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Average Costs

Home improvement costs vary greatly, depending on the size of the project and the contractor's mark-up. Your home improvement project should start with an itemized business plan outlining all the projected cost for materials and labor. Find the top 100 home repair requests with the average cost of each project.

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Get Local Reviews

Part of the process of hiring an awesome home improvement professional is checking references and customer reviews for the individual and company. Angie's list has actual reviews from people that have used the service that you are looking for. Get customer experiences and their unbiased opinions about the local companies in your area.  Read More


To Hire or Not

So you want to update your home and remodel some of the rooms. The question is, is it a DIY project? Even though many home repairs look easy they are not. Do you have the expertise and tools to complete the job in a professional manner? Remember you are trying to increase your home's value. Take the test to find out if you are a DIY home improvement homeowner.  Read More


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