Eminent Domain is the power given to State and Federal Governments to seize privately held property for public use. For example, a specific piece of property may be needed for a government building, highway or to protect public safety. An owner will receive notice that the property is under eminent domain by the State. The owner does not have to consent. The State will make an offer to purchase the property and then compensate the owner fair-market-value.



What does Eminent Domain Mean? What is the Definition of Eminent Domain? When you new to a subject and need basic information, start with the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Merriam-Webster has high quality and authoritative definitions. This online dictionary is a great starting point for your eminent domain dictionary and definition needs.  Read More


HUD ED Rules

The U.S. Department of Human Development (HUD) has an official page dedicated to the current HUD rules in respect to eminent domain. Find HUD rules on why some properties qualify, what the timeline will be if your home is subject to eminent domain, how the process works and where to find HUD help and advice.

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State Legislator

The NCSL provides research about the legislator, election results and more. Through this research, they track eminent domain issues and how they affect each state. The NCSL strives to increase awareness, inform and educate the consumer of upcoming voting questions concerning eminent domain and the effects on individuals and communities. Read More



Eminent Domain is the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The federal government and each state have the power to seize private land for public use. The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) explains the procedure and history of eminent domain. Find examples of early and later federal government uses of the 5th amendment.  Read More


Everything that you need to know

Just about everything that you need to know about eminent domain and the process can be found in this excellent Wikipedia article. Find the history of the power and how it is used in the U.S. and worldwide. The article which has clear and concise information, references numerous high quality sources.   Read More

Florida Bar

If you are looking for Florida Legal information on almost any subject, turn to the Florida Bar. While most people would never think that eminent domain would affect their lives, it most likely happens more than most would imagine. Find information on one of the ground breaking cases in this Florida Eminent Domain Case.  Read More

Florida Proceedings A to Z

When looking for information on eminent domain, you need precise, accurate and trustworthy sources. Law.justia.com has the entire eminent domain process spelled out in an easy to read step by step format. Learn how the process works from the moment you are served and ending with the conclusion of the case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anytime the average consumer is dealing with a government entity, there is likely to be apprehension and fear. Nothing is truer than when an eminent domain issue invades your life. You probably have a million questions and are not sure where to turn for reliable information. Lawyers.com has a great list of common questions.  Read More



Once you receive notice that the government intends to buy your land through eminent domain, you will shortly receive an offer. You must take special measures to abide by all the time lines stated in the original letter so that you will not run the risk of having the property seized.  Read More


Eminent domain and the Constitution

Eminent Domain has been around before the constitution was signed. In fact it is the 5th amendment in the Constitution. Cato.org's extensive report outlines how the State and Federal Government have the right to seize private land, the uses the government can claim and how individual property owner's compensation is detailed in the U.S. constitution.  Read More