Section 8 Housing Resources

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is the government agency that administers the housing choice Voucher program which is usually called Section 8. Section 8 housing allows for low income families to choose their own homes in safe neighborhoods and receive assistance from the government to pay a portion of their rent. There are income requirements and restrictions for tenants and strict rules for landlords. Get the facts on section 8 housing from our list of resources.


What is Section 8?
Section 8 is the Federal Government's HUD housing program for families that are low to medium income. If your family qualifies, you can receive help with paying your rent. At the HUD website, you can get all the information about the program and find out if your family qualifies for assistance.  Read More


Affordable Housing in Broward County
Are you a low income family living in Broward County, Florida that is having trouble finding affordable housing or cannot paying your current rent? Find information on how the federal government's housing program can help. At the Broward County's Housing Authority website you can learn how to get affordable and quality housing.  Read More


Section 8 Housing in Broward
Are you looking for cheaper housing in Broward County for you and your family? If you are low income family and meet certain eligibility requirements you could qualify for section 8 housing. At the government's website,, you will find all the information that you need concerning every aspect of the program.  Read More


Florida: Breaking a Section 8 Lease
Are you a section 8 Landlord or Tenant? If so, you have equal rights under the law. If a landlord no longer want to rent to the tenant, there are requirement that they must meet to break the lease/contract. Find the requirements that landlords must meet and the rights of the tenant in Florida. Read More

Section 8 – Fort Lauderdale
Every city in Florida has its own housing authority that is responsible for section 8 housing. The Fort Lauderdale Housing Authority has an excellent site that includes a great deal of information related to Section 8; including the basics of the program, how to find out if you are eligible and your rights as either a landlord or tenant.  Read More


APD - Persons with Disabilities
The Florida Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) works within the community to help low income, the disabled, and people with developmental disabilities, find safe and affordable section 8 housing. Get a full list of resources, with contact information for the regional and local offices at the APD site.
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2014 Section 8 Qualifications
Section 8 housing is for very low income families that are struggling with rent. Section 8 allows for all U.S. citizens to live in safe and secure surroundings regardless of income. As with all government programs there are very strict rules. Find the 2014 guidelines for those wishing to reside in section 8 housing.
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The Basics
Although most people have heard of section 8 housing, few know exactly what the program entails or what makes people eligible. Find the basics of the program at Find out if you meet the requirements, where to submit an application, what paperwork is needed, who to contact for help and more.
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Rental Pitfalls
Do you own rental property and are wondering about applying for a permit to make it eligible for section 8 tenants? As with many things, there are advantages and disadvantages to being a section 8 landlord. Find a list of some of the common problems associated with renting section 8 housing.
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Miami-Dade Qualification can lead you in the right direction to find quality section 8 housing. There is a wealth of information for both section 8 renters and landlords. Find information on the basics of the program, how long you will usually need to wait to find housing, who you should contact in the Miami area and more.
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