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NameE-mail AddressLocal Phone
Pilger Lynn Debra csrealtordeb@yahoo.com 954-224-0074
Hall Michele D Delarese mishimee96@aol.com 954-655-5079
Moon F Delores dmoong8r56@aol.com
Moon F Delores dmoong8r56@aol.com
Dawkins Vivian Denelda
Lammers M Denise denise@deniselammers.com
Vesia Denise denise.vesia@gmail.com 954-295-8124
Jallouk Denisse sarabibop@yahoo.com 954-326-7473
Brown Curtis Dennis 954-921-5796
Dillon P Dennis dennispdillon@hotmail.com
Mesenhimer Wayne Dennis dennismes@aol.com 904-333-1508
Mesenhimer Wayne Dennis dennismes@aol.com 904-333-1508
Gazzana Derelice derelicegazzana@gmail.com 786-226-7563
Latta Patricia Diana disama@aol.com 954-632-1040
Perez P Diana 954-447-2968
Pittarelli Diana dianapitt@yahoo.com
Rivera C Diana carlariv@hotmail.com 954-983-1069
Tonova Bakker Diana dianatonova@gmail.com 954-815-8213
Diamond Elizabeth Diane ddhealinghands@att.net 954-275-0370
Egan Diane dianegan@gmail.com 954-376-0100
Kardys Roberta Diane dkardys@aol.com 954-962-0202
Lott Diane diane.lott@floridamoves.com 954-294-5060
Struyf Diane
Walsh Maria Diane 954-925-0040
Brenners Dianne diannebrealtor@gmail.com 954-297-2138
Hunt C Dianne huntdianne@aol.com 786-282-4152
Leppanen Dianne dleppanen@bellsouth.net 954-989-9507
Castillo F Diego feclese7@hotmail.com 954-554-6949
Ramos F Diego godyusa@hotmail.com 954-989-9525
Thomaidis Dimitrios jim@jimthomaidis.com 410-261-9152
Lapco Dina dlapco@bellsouth.net
Cherubin Richard Djerry 954-983-6647
Lushchenko Dmitriy russianmiami@gmail.com 954-628-2072
Barone E Dolores
Lacertosa G Domenick
Mauro Dominick dominicmauro@bellsouth.net 772-834-9613
Mauro Dominick dominicmauro@bellsouth.net 772-834-9613
Despres Dominique
Lessne L Donald donlessne@aol.com
Pollas Donald dpollas@hotmail.com 305-216-3191
Swab Eugene Donald
Florence Marie Donna dflorence81@yahoo.com 954-243-6305
French Marie Donna french88@bellsouth.net 954-925-0775
Friedman Perez L Donna
Reid Lois Donna 954-987-1057
Scantlebury Yvette Donna donna-y@hotmail.com 754-204-3710
Ocampo Pilar Dora pilarocumpop@hotmail.com 954-457-9904
Salvati Ann Dorene adsalvati@msn.com 305-525-7711
Frai Dorin dfrai@yahoo.com 954-433-2946
Orrego Doris 954-926-5795


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