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NameE-mail AddressLocal Phone
Cruz S Adriana bacana@live.com 954-515-8242
Parish Tomas Adriane adrianeparish@hotmail.com
Gorska Aggie realtoragnes@yahoo.com 561-866-2527
Eken Ahmet 954-421-3373
Gossan C Alayna gossanac@yahoo.com 954-647-3319
Flores Jose Alberto alberto.j.flores@sprint.com 954-421-0574
Zervoudakis Alex alexzerv@bellsouth.net 561-929-2004
Hoekstra W Allan awhoekstra@aol.com
Finger R Allyson allyfinger@yahoo.com 561-222-4543
Wilkinson Carline Almeir act1gospel@yahoo.com 954-701-6595
Stephens S Alyssa 954-426-8914
Provow Maria Ana aprovow0810@yahoo.com 954-270-0685
Romeu R Anakarina aromeu@aol.com 954-234-7057
Rogers Moyses Analucia analuciamoyses@hotmail.com 561-901-8938
Jones Janette Andrea ajones5760@hotmail.com 954-729-9564
Saint-Remy Andy fastforwardrealty@comcast.net 954-818-9369
Santa Maria Angela alangnas@bellsouth.net 954-427-4007
Grindle Colleen Angelica acgrindle@gmail.com 561-212-9449
Debiase Marie Ann 203-934-4050
Pettigrossi Ann ann4homs@aol.com
Alonso Anthony ataino054@gmail.com 561-322-8945
Zaccaro J Anthony kapzac@bellsouth.net 954-570-9675
Camacho Esperanza Arcelia 954-698-9039
Giglio D Ariel arielgiglio@hotmail.com 954-328-6341
Christopoulos Barbara
Hikin Barry barrygood@bellsouth.net 954-263-1011
Zornosa Beatriz beatri.zornosa@gmail.com 954-571-9176
Chatoff Beth bethchatoff@aol.com 561-305-6012
Gopal Bobby bobby.gopal@gmail.com 305-775-6281
Waldman Brett brett@negotiationsinc.net 954-825-8060
Konigsburg Bruce bakonigs24@aol.com
Mihok Edward Bruce bmihok@bellsouth.net 954-429-0659
Mihok Edward Bruce bmihok@bellsouth.net 954-429-0659
Calhoun E Byron byron.calhoun@stiles.com 954-627-9347
Silva S Candice 954-571-8603
Lubin Carline clubin01@gmail.com 954-553-1896
Mejia Mario Carlos carlos.mejia@orbixone.com 954-232-2698
Mejia Mario Carlos carlos.mejia@orbixone.com 954-232-2698
Nelson Maurice Carlton carltonnelson@usa.net 954-812-8948
Nguyen T H Carroll babyangel255@aol.com 954-547-7999
Marciano Beth Caryn jimcaryn@bellsouth.net
Marciano Beth Caryn jimcaryn@bellsouth.net
Bewley Ann Cathy cathy8212@aol.com 954-360-9662
Lee P Cathy 954-263-2314
Martin M Cecilia cmart100@fau.edu 954-536-8292
Martin M Cecilia cmart100@fau.edu 954-536-8292
Passalacqua I Cecilia cpassalacqua1@hotmail.com 954-979-3458
Perez Alejandro Cesar thecapx@gmail.com 954-274-0026
Musillo Alan Char charmusillo@gmail.com 321-624-8095
Coury M Charlene ccoury@bellsouth.net


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