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NameE-mail AddressLocal Phone
Noveen Ben noveen@comcast.net 954-788-0301
Redd H Carol
Tilles Lester Desmond desmondtilles@gmail.com 954-207-0036
Davey Louise Erica erica@ericadavey.com 954-942-8887
Cory Jacqueline gladdenx2@yahoo.com 954-718-6228
Davey Jan supercat@comcast.net 954-942-8887
Danzinger M Karen karen.danzinger@gmail.com 954-943-9900
Krivit Kathleen
Szitasy G Kenneth reval2@mindspring.com
Nelson E Lawrence lenlhp@aol.com 954-725-5200
Taylor R Lola upakut1@aol.com 954-818-9140
Papantonatos A Marilyn map5843@hotmail.com
Trautman L Nancy ntrautman@bellsouth.net 954-782-9830
Vega B Nancy nancybvega@bellsouth.net 954-785-9808
Ingraham Richard mikeingraham101@aol.com 954-785-2630
Henley Renee Sharon srhenley@comcast.net 954-695-1839
Jones Lewis Shelby
Nelson C Pa Susan sueatlhp@aol.com
Reynolds Veronica reynoldsveronica@aol.com 954-562-2536
Pierre Worlking kingstar@realtyagent.com 954-366-3180
Broch Bryan Zachary zach@reosecure.net 954-654-2709


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