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NameE-mail AddressLocal Phone
Messina Helene helenem007@aol.com 954-771-5838
Pasternak Lois Helene hpast@bellsouth.net
Siegel Henriette
Shapiro Henry 301ova@optimum.net 954-563-9702
Borque Fatma Hilal hilal7784@yahoo.com 305-300-2794
Holstein Carole Holly 954-565-1674
Berkowitz Michael Howard hberkowitz2003@yahoo.com 305-318-5680
Brown G Howard howardbrown@yahoo.com 954-491-2684
Nelson Ernest Howard howardnelson7@gmail.com 954-650-4219
Rosen Eric Hugh hrrosen@bellsouth.net 954-492-3491
Sharkey Hugh hughpsharkey@aol.com 954-914-6053
Siber Ilya ilyasiber@yahoo.com 954-568-1657
Rosenstrauch Iris
Prize Irit spiritpeace11@yahoo.com 954-495-4358
Gerber B Jack jbgpa@earthlink.net 954-565-9368
Jones William Jack jack7nt@aol.com 954-941-0616
Jodoin M Jacqueline jodoinf@bellsouth.net 954-771-8681
Rhodes E Jacqueline rhodes_j@bellsouth.net
Salame Jacqueline
Wiesenfeld Anne Jacqueline jackie@realtyworldcapitalgroup.com 561-789-6823
Wiesenfeld Anne Jacqueline jackie@realtyworldcapitalgroup.com 561-789-6823
Wiesenfeld Anne Jacqueline jackie@realtyworldcapitalgroup.com 561-789-6823
St Hilaire Jacques datboy954@yahoo.com 954-336-9880
Bruno Joseph James jimb@randallrealtors.com 954-565-8573
Bryan W James 954-829-3250
Bryan Scott James jameswbryan@yahoo.com 954-415-9020
Demarest Jay James jim@ftlhome.com 954-647-4713
Fazioli C James jimcfaz@aol.com
Fazioli C James 561-315-2596
Fazioli Victor James jimcfaz@aol.com
Freeman Randle James freemanjr@yahoo.com 954-399-3015
Friedli Jay James jimsellsflorida@gmail.com 954-270-9400
Gary Stuart James james.s.gary@gmail.com 954-298-1083
Gatto C James jimcg@aol.com 954-493-9502
Iandoli T James jimbojti@aol.com 954-261-5948
Joiner D James jdjoinerreb@gmail.com 954-565-0000
La Bonte M James
Labate Boyd James
Logue Declan James jamielogue@keyes.com 954-986-2545
Mc Sweeney E James
Mc Sweeney E James
Mcdonnell James james.mcdonnell@realliving.com 954-552-9727
Mcdonnell James james.mcdonnell@realliving.com 954-552-9727
Muschany S James 954-973-4490
Okeeffe Francis James nekepop@aol.com 954-493-9505
Riedel Douglas James mindiriedel@yahoo.com 954-958-8943
Warstler J James jim.warstler@cbre.com
Yager D James jimyager@sprynet.com 954-938-9737
Gomez R Janice jcg.management@gmail.com 954-562-8210
Clarke D Jason j_clarke99@hotmail.com 954-914-2242


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