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NameE-mail AddressLocal Phone
Saaf Michael A msaaf44@aol.com 954-494-2882
Leiter Carl Adam acl121781@hotmail.com 602-625-0296
Nehme A Adam nehme_a@popmail.firn.edu 305-494-3535
Paprocki John Adam bpaprocki@aol.com 954-818-0555
Fattore Adeline
Peterson Marie Adelle adelle17@hotmail.com 954-565-3262
Cohen Adi grandrealty2006@yahoo.com 786-326-9034
Aho Christopher Alan luddite57@gmail.com 917-334-4639
Kristen Alana 239-229-5291
Charmelo V Albert alcharmelo@aol.com 954-566-9667
Lee Albert alee5912@aol.com 954-396-5912
Gonzalez Jose Alejandro alegon82@yahoo.com 352-872-8956
Tamayo Walter Alejandro alejandro_tamay03@hotmail.com 754-246-6065
Kublickis Alexander alexanderkay@msn.com 954-829-4268
Tegov B Alexander alex@tegovgroup.com 917-375-3000
Solal Minola Alexandra kelly@minola.net
Oldaker Ernest Alfred
Holloway Nielsen Alicia 954-295-9232
Kane Alixandria alixandriakane@gmail.com 954-531-4164
Lindow Lapham Allen allen.lindow@cbre.com 954-331-1731
Smith L Alma
Wheeler Turner Alma wheelera@bellsouth.net
Lautin Amy alautin@lautin.com 954-288-5835
Vulpis M Amy amvulpis@aol.com 954-591-4280
Cruz Luisa Ana anajasset@live.com 561-201-0738
Del Alamo Ana
Becker Villalonga Ana Maria rjb271@aol.com 954-771-9030
Nowes Ana Maria nowesamapi@hotmail.com 561-901-0802
Robinson Ballester Ana Maria annamaria.robinson@comcast.net 954-527-5900
Senesi Louise Andrea senesi@bellsouth.net 954-771-1949
Settembrino Andrea cpa.andrea@gmail.com 954-560-1606
Dittoe Doyle Andrew adittoe@acadiaprop.com 954-647-2900
Weiser Andy
D'Ulisse Marie Angel angelbrad@hotmail.com 954-552-9550
Suarez M Angel asuarez@aol.com 954-267-0620
Bennett J Angela aj.bennett@live.com 561-289-4250
Ergon Bluem Greta Angela
Kane Lynn Angela angelakane7@gmail.com 850-324-1635
Kuchel Marie Angela angela.kuchel@hotmail.com 954-805-8853
Carbone C Angelo accarbone@bellsouth.net
Hansen N Anita hansenc21anita@aol.com
Nasser Anita deanandanita@bellsouth.net
Clark H Ann annclark@bellsouth.net
Grubb R Ann tenchanne@aol.com 954-270-8484
Collins Anna annaco@comcast.net
Cerone Anne acerone@bellsouth.net 954-776-2797
De Padro-Bloom C Anne
Esposito M Anne ameseven@yahoo.com 954-565-7424
Balestrino L Anthony seecaptaintony@aol.com
Buda Anthony anthonybuda@aol.com 954-565-0588


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