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NameE-mail AddressLocal Phone
Schwencke J A islandoorandwindows@yahoo.com 954-605-6111
Dixon S W Adelheide adeldixon@yahoo.com 954-326-0904
Dubruiel Dawn Amber
Ciringione Andrew andrewciringione@weichert.com 954-684-8070
Aurelus Ansy ansyaurelus@aol.com 954-648-0485
Souverain Antoine antoinesouverain@yahoo.com 954-588-7589
Stalmach Apiradee apirodee_ame@hotmail.com 954-559-2902
Bain Lee Arthur bainal@bellsouth.net
Lucchese U Asia 754-246-6988
Ribas B Augusto ribasaugusto@gmail.com 954-849-3913
Dawson Anne Barbara noskralc23@aol.com 954-478-8821
Joseph Belange 954-829-6898
Haywood Jr Bennie
Lacy Bernard allphaseventures@yahoo.com
Balsamo Calogero cbg_225@hotmail.com 305-525-1864
Tkach Calvin caltkach@gmail.com 954-625-5366
Igere Eseoghene Catherine catheriyn@live.com 954-471-8272
Andrews F Charles candrews@defenderresorts.com 954-734-4902
Reynolds Carter Charles kiprealtor@gmail.com 954-854-3048
Riss Christopher chrisriss63@gmail.com 302-228-5669
Verdi Floyd Christopher 954-565-1505
Hargrett B Clarence cbhargrett@yahoo.com 954-548-8740
Stanley E Clifford 954-704-0283
Rogers St George Clifton csgrogers@comcast.net 954-485-6356
Winter J Clinton cwinter383@aol.com 954-614-7306
Patsimas D Constantine cdp646@yahoo.com 954-258-4458
Russell Keith Dale realtordale@aol.com 954-564-9905
Rampulla Lynn Danielle danielle_yuran@bellsouth.net 954-828-9384
Cuthbertson F David 954-565-9628
Wilson-Smith W Dellareese dellareese15@bellsouth.net 954-593-6612
Lopez R Dennis sinnedzepol@hotmail.com 954-881-4246
Buford Stanton Derrick derrick@gayleborden.com 954-525-3355
Harris Lucille Diane 954-739-2044
Marchetti Marie Diane
Marchetti Marie Diane
Louis Jeune Dieudonne 954-445-6742
Borrelli Dino dinoborrelli@aol.com 954-712-9553
Ginsburg Allen Donald psdon2@bellsouth.net 954-727-9000
Gomez William Donald dwgfinance@yahoo.com 786-506-6102
Minott Donnalee donnalee007@msn.com 954-673-1113
Minott Donnalee donnalee007@msn.com 954-673-1113
Nelson Dori dnrealtor@aol.com 954-608-6214
Anderson Dorothea petsn10s@gmail.com 954-249-0282
Mosley Ann Dorothy dorothymosley@keyes.com
Mosley Ann Dorothy dorothymosley@keyes.com
Vaughan Perry E perryv3@cox.net 954-260-9795
Pitterson George Edward 754-234-5859
Wallace B Edward edwardbwallace@gmail.com 954-338-0049
Lewis Ann Elizabeth 561-512-4682
Warren K Eloise 954-739-9970


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