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NameE-mail AddressLocal Phone
Penn Damon realpropertyvalue@comcast.net 954-610-1195
Rodriguez Lakatji David lakatji@yahoo.com 954-661-6486
Izaguirre Alicia Elsa 954-274-8668
Febles Y Heidy feblesh@comcast.net 954-850-6417
Stoddard Frantz Henry henry2@bellsouth.net 561-722-3667
Sivert Janet 954-562-0430
Cook Kimberly Josephine jocrealty@hotmail.com 954-652-1676
Franchini Carlos Juan juanca396@hotmail.com 954-465-9839
Stoddard Katarina kathy@unisourcerealty.com 954-520-1525
Sturgeon Dean Lanny lanntsturgeon@cs.com 954-873-8498
Sanclemente E Maria mesv123@aol.com 954-465-4232
Ossa Martin martin_ossa@hotmail.com 754-234-9588
Washofsky E Martin
D Angelo Mary maryidangelo@hotmail.com 954-629-4992
Jones Alice Melissa majihvestcorp@aol.com 919-338-7309
Zaldivar M Raul raul.zaldivar@bellsouth.net 954-552-2500


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